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Arachnophobes May Want to Avoid This Image of PS4 Title Deep Down

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bug's strife

If you’re the type of person that sobs like a frazzled Mariah Carey when a miniscule money spider has the indecency to crawl into your peripheral vision, you may not be overly appreciative of this brand new Deep Down screenshot. Revealed by Japanese gaming rag Famitsu, the image shows an armoured warrior – from the future no less – battling an eight-legged foe with a wobbly sword.

The free-to-play dungeon crawler is getting a lot of promotion in Sony’s native Japan, and is becoming one of the must-play titles for the platform holder’s next-gen console – despite its digital-only availability. A beta is set to wriggle onto the device around the same time as the system’s Eastern launch. Is this game getting under your skin? Itch away in the comments section below.


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Raeven said:

It certainly looks intriguing, RPG's are very much my thing so I'll be hoping the UK release happens!



staticdash22 said:

@Raeven It was trademarked a few weeks ago for Europe and the U.S. My bets are on a summer or fall release in the west.



Raeven said:

Indeed, I saw that, I don't want to get my hopes up too much though

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