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You'll Need to Patch Your PS Vita to Firmware Update v3.01

Posted by Sammy Barker

Keeping things stable

Sony is hammering out software stability updates faster than frightening balance sheets at the minute. Not content with preparing patch v1.52 for the PlayStation 4, the company has also released firmware update v3.01 for the PlayStation Vita. What does it do? Well, nothing – but we can’t say that we're particularly surprised.

The patch is ready and available to download now. There’s no changelog, and we can’t really find anything different, so we suppose that it’s working quietly behind-the-scenes. There had been some rumours regarding some fresh handheld hacks, meaning that this is probably a response to those. Have you downloaded the update yet? Point your peepers at the progress bar in the comments section below.


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MadchesterManc said:

My Vita had automatically downloaded the patch last night when I turned my Vita on so it mustve got live at some point yesterday. Not noticed any changes though must be one of those software stabalisers



XavandSo said:

Rumors that the Vita's been hacked 'eh...? I'm keeping mine at 3.00, thanks. I'm awaiting a phone hack for my Vita. I just can't take two devices around with me at the same time, my work pants are too small.



MaddenNFL71 said:

Time for the Vita console to do updates when new games, esp. first time on there as Battlefield series, Far Cry, NBA 2K or Live series, NHL, WWE in 2K, and bringing back FIFA/Madden NFL by revitalizing those games to appeal consuming gamers like myself in better ports including transferring most of them to/from PS 3/4.



Ginkgo said:

Personally I believe that for both these updates "stability" is code for "security". PSN did all of those password changes recently, PSN down for extended maintenance and now updates without any real explanation of what they do. Something's up.

Glad they are doing something about whatever happened, but not convinced they are being entirely transparent. I never even got an email about them changing my password which is pretty poor form really.

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