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Wow, the PS4 Is the UK's Fastest Selling Console of All Time

Posted by Kell Andersen

Like hotcakes

A recent report from Chart-Track has revealed that the PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console in UK history. The brand new machine beat out the previous record-holder, Sony's own PlayStation Portable, which sold 185,000 units during its 2005 launch. It seems that a policy of listening to gamer feedback is paying dividends for the beleaguered platform holder. It also gives further credence to the argument that console gaming is absolutely alive and well.

The PS4's tagline "Greatness Awaits" has been thrown about with reckless abandon recently. But with these figures, and the news that the system sold through one million units in North America in just 24 hours, we're gunning for Sony to officially change the tagline to "Greatness Sells". It's probably a little more appropriate at this point.

Are you one of the fans who helped the Japanese giant reach this impressive milestone? Will you be holding a massive party to celebrate? Sound off in the comments section below.

Update: Reports suggest that the PS4 sold over 250,000 units during its first 48 hours on sale in the UK.


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WCamicase said:

Like I said multiple times already, I still do not own a magnific PS4 because it's still not selling in my island, looks like the mainland does not have any consoles to send here :/



eliotgballade said:

great news - thought it might be , those are impressive numbers (especially when we are all fighting out of a recession)
any more batches coming to the UK before xmas?



coroum said:

Why are they not releasing any numbers?? Are they waiting for the 2 million worldwide or the 3 million mark worldwide



MadchesterManc said:

@eliotgballade According to a friend at Grainger Games, they may not be getting another batch till January. They still have a small backlog of pre-orders too lol

Whats disheartening about all this is some are exploiting it. Usually its always Ebay and everyone knows it so its not a bother, but this time Im seeing it with stores. Sure you get a bit more than you paid for the console, but CEX are selling any Ps4's people trade in for £520! a whopping £170 price hike! Thats not a typo someone actually bought one for that price too yesterday when I was at CEX...



AlexStinton said:

I had a chat with the manager of the local GAME store over the weekend and he said they're backed up to next year with PS4 preorders. That said they were offering walk ins and the second wave of pre order customers the chance to buy what I would only describe as rip off bundles. It's a shame to see gamers being taken advantage of but I guess that's supply and demand for you.



eliotgballade said:

@AlexStinton & @MadchesterManc: it's a shame ps4 is in short supply / high demand and therefore at the mercy of greedy (read non-gamers) eBay entrepeneurs , but what can you do ?
the situation is nothing new . I remember years and years ago buying a SNES (even though I had one) packaged with Street Fighter ll because you simply couldn't buy the game on it's own !
are there plenty of xbox ones around ? because if so people may plump for this instead.



Carl-G said:

I hope SONY can get more into the Shops in the UK(well everywhere really) Would be a shame to spoil all this good sales News because of no stock for ages. Anyway well done SONY



rastamadeus said:

Game in Southport had quite a lot of unsold consoles when I went in last Friday so if you live near there and want one you know where to go.



Ginkgo said:

@coroum I can image it takes considerably longer to collect and collate sales data from 18 disparate countries across EU than from just 2 in NA. It will just take a little longer than in NA.



Sutorcen said:

@coroum They are probably waiting for the PS4 to launch in the remaining European countries as well (and some other markets) before releasing numbers.

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