Alright, so you may be struggling to track down a PlayStation 4 in the UK this Boxing Day – but that could be a blessing in disguise. With the 25th December now a distant memory here in Britain, retailers around the region are starting to reveal their post-Christmas sales – and for the likes of and Tesco, they include standalone PlayStation 3 consoles for £99.99.

Granted, it’s the puny 12GB iteration of the ageing system, but it’s still not an offer to be sniffed at. Just think, with a cheap and cheerful laptop hard-drive and a PlayStation Plus subscription, this could easily become your most played platform in the New Year. And if you’re really not willing to spend any extra, well, the simple SKU will do for The Last of Us and Blu-ray movies.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that savvy shoppers can save an additional £10 at Tesco by creating a new account and entering the code ‘TDX-RVNH’. Just to clarify: that’s a PS3 for £89.99. Who needs the next generation anyway? And no, we’re not trying to kid ourselves like Apu in that one episode of The Simpsons.