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What's New on PS4? The Social Feed Has Been Switched Back On

Posted by Sammy Barker

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There’s a lot to like about the PlayStation 4, but one of its strongest assets is how social it is. Unlike the PlayStation 3, the console makes it easy to keep track of your friends – and that’s about to get a lot simpler, as Sony has switched back on the ‘What’s New’ feed. This was disabled during the European launch window in order to help cope with the demand, but now that the swell of sudden PlayStation Network connections has passed, the platform holder has opted to reinstate the feature.

For those out of the loop, the abovementioned area acts as a hub updating you on your friends’ in-game activities. It includes Trophy information, game bulletins, shared screenshots, and more. It’s a real neat addition that helps keep you connected to what your buddies are up to, but we’re not especially big fans of the way in which the information is presented. In fact, a fix for this appears in our list of most wanted firmware updates. What are your thoughts on the ‘What’s New’ feature? Broadcast yourself in the comments section below.


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chazaroonie said:

I like it a lot, it's a mixture of Facebook's news feed and the feature on Vita on the home screen for each game. I think there should be a way to filter the information though. I'd like to be able to create folders in the new xmb too. I can see it getting tiresome down the line when I've got lots of games. I'm not the first to have commented on this feature though.



DirectAim said:

I think Sony will implement better sorting functionality once more titles have been released. I can see them tweaking and updating the system quite regularly in the future. I just need more friends, everyone is still on Xbox Live for me! Add me on PSN - DirectAim



Batman said:

I want to be able to group friends and customise the notifications I get from them (I have a number of people on my list that I don't play with at all). So I hope that's something they introduce at some point as well as cleaning a few other things up.

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