It seems like Sony couldn’t wait more than a few hours to share some new information on Team ICO’s oft-delayed The Last Guardian. As spotted by reader Belmont, the long overdue PlayStation 3 exclusive can be found on the European version of the PlayStation Store. Unsurprisingly, the listing doesn’t include any price or release date information, but it does carry a 12 PEGI rating.

As for the product information, the page points out that the game is “directed by award-winning game director Fumito Ueda”. It adds that you’ll be taking “charge of an imaginary creature blending elements from many different animals”, all while exploring a “strange and fantastic world”. Still sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, we strongly suspect that this is a mistake. While the platform holder has been hinting at an imminent announcement regarding the title, rumours suggest that it has switched production to the PlayStation 4. We also anticipate that a lot of the finer details will have changed since the release’s original debut all the way back in 2009.