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Video: Watch As We Recap November's Best PlayStation Games

Posted by Ben Potter

This time in predominantly non-text form

Reading is for chumps – at least, that’s what you’d hear any Video Editor say. As such, if you’re not keen on using your brain to learn about PlayStation’s biggest November releases, then we’ve produced this handy (and hopefully hilarious) footage for your easy living entertainment. We’ll be producing these doses of madness on a monthly basis, so don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Splat said:

These recap video's are quickly becoming the best thing Push Square has to offer... :)



BenTarrant said:

This made my bloody evening. Then Sammy's response did it all over again. Nice one Ben!



Epic said:

Ben Potter, you just made my freaking day.
Best Recap EVER, keep up the good content.



gigeot808 said:

great video, although I really think Killzone deserves much higher than a 7. resogun is a worthy top pick though!



Ginkgo said:

Brilliant video. Well done Ben. There should be so much more of this on PushSquare.

Resogun is kinda cute, but AC4 wins it for me from the ones I have played so far.

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