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Until Dawn Staying Zipped Up Until the New Year

Posted by Sammy Barker

Keeping the chill out

Supermassive Games’ frustratingly frigid PlayStation 3 exclusive Until Dawn is set to keep covered up until the New Year, studio gaffer Pete Samuels has announced. There were rumours – yet again – earlier this week that the PlayStation Move powered title had been cancelled, but apparently that’s absolutely not the case. We strongly suspect that it’s switched systems at this point, though.

“Until Dawn is most definitely not cancelled and we are still developing it,” the abovementioned executive told VG247 as part of an email exchange. “Not only that, but we’re really excited about what we’re creating and can’t wait to tell more and show more sometime soon. I understand that the silence has been frustrating for those people who have been looking out for more details.”

Samuels would confirm that the game’s no longer due out in 2013 – but with only a few weeks left in the year, we’re not particularly surprised by that revelation. For those out of the loop, the teen slasher was announced alongside Tearaway at GamesCom 2012, and promised a campy survival horror experience packed with cheap scares and even cheaper physical thrills. We’re still looking forward to it.


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InsertNameHere said:

I hope it did make the jump to PS4, it would really benefit from the PS4 camera's enhanced tracking capabilities.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

@BornOfEvil no doubt. The PS4 camera doesn't have any titles out yet that take advantage of its technology. This would be a big boost for the gaming library in that regard



Paranoimia said:

Been waiting eagerly for more news on this, as it really grabbed my attention when it was announced. Glad it isn't cancelled, and I look forward to it regardless of whether it's on PS3 or PS4.



Gamer83 said:

I'm still interested in learning more about it, but with how long it's been pushed to the side, I'm not sure how it'll end up.



Ginkgo said:

Yes, glad it isn't cancelled and would be happy for it to make the leap to PS4. Would like to see how Move works with the new camera.



artemisthemp said:

I personally would prefer it to release PS4,so I doesn't have to setup my PS3 camera up

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