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UK Retailer GAME's Got Some Big PS4 Bundles In Stock

Posted by Sammy Barker

Put your Christmas money to one side

As promised, British-based retailer GAME has got some fresh PlayStation 4 stock available – but it’s not going to give it away. The online iteration of the specialist store has two gigantic bundles available, each featuring a 500GB console, 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription, and a couple of Blu-ray movies.

The first option comes with Despicable Me 2, Man of Steel, Need for Speed: Rivals, Knack, and Killzone: Shadow Fall for £559.99. Meanwhile, the second package includes all of the above, in addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and Battlefield 4. That will set you back an eye-watering £699.99.

Order one of these now and it’s unlikely that you’ll receive it before Christmas, but you should get it in time to play over the New Year break. While the forced bundles are costly, they’re not exactly overpriced, and with stock sold out virtually everywhere else, at least this will allow you to secure one of the sought-after systems without going on a post-Christmas goose chase.

Have you managed to get your hands on a PS4 yet, or are you still searching for one of the hard-to-find formats? Share your stories in the comments section below.


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Carl-G said:

GAME make me SICK :-/ They do this all the time i.e make POINTLESS Bundles so they can rip people off when they know there is a high demand for a product :-/ WHY NO BASIC PS4 AT £349.99 GAME?!?! Shame GAME didn't go bust last year or was it this year. I want more game shops on the high street but GAME take the pi... (i will stop there because it is Christmas time)



DVS said:

@Carl-G GAME are doing what they must to take advantage of this fairly uncommon situation. They are a business. They are out to make money. They sell a product that people like you and I want. But they want people to buy games with them, not go elsewhere (ie Amazon). So yes, it takes the p***, but just about any company would do the same. So don't hate GAME just because they've got the stock and they're doing what they are because they are the only ones who can at this time.

Edit: Also, how can you say 'it's a shame GAME didn't go bust' - do you have a clue how disasterous that would be for the UK gaming scene?



Chozo85 said:

I'm absolutely appalled by the way GAME have sought to take advantage of the limited stock of PS4s by forcing people to buy these obnoxiously expensive bundles. It is proof, if it were needed, that the company has learnt nothing from the experience of almost going out of business. Why did this happen? Because their products were overpriced and they took their loyal customers for granted. I actually discussed the PS4 situation with one of their employees in my local store in Birmingham. I asked her how the company could justify only selling PS4s as part of these egregiously expensive bundles? Her reply was that the people who purchased them would simply put them on ebay to make a profit. Apparently by selling them as part of these bundles it ensured they would reach the 'true gamer'. I think this is a pretty cynical and pessimistic approach to your own customers. I pointed out that I was a 'true gamer' (28 years of age, been playing games since I was 7) and that I wanted a PS4 but could not afford to spend over £400 and that if I purchased one I would NOT put it on ebay. To this she had no answer. I made the suggestion that actually GAME were seeking to do nothing more than take advantage of those people (in many cases long suffering parents) who HAD to have a PS4 before the 25 December to prevent a riot on Christmas day. Again, no answer.

Oh and I'm not going to sit here and say that I hope GAME go out of business because I don't. It is peoples jobs and livelihoods and the high street needs a specialist game retailer. But what I will say is that the company need to have a good long hard look at themselves because their customers simply will not tolerate being taken advantage of again and again. There is an old saying about how only fools make the same mistake more than once and GAME are making the same mistakes over and over again.



basoola99 said:

I will get 1 at the end of the school year can't resist it. It is awesome.



LukeNI said:

Why is everyone complaining that they cannot buy a solus console when it is clearly their own fault for not pre-ordering when they had almost a full year to do so.
GAME are not forcing customers to buy these bundles, they are giving them an option and quite frankly those customers that hadn't pre-ordered should consider themselves lucky to be given an opportunity to actually purchase a console before Christmas.

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