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This Korean Couple Are Braving the Cold to Be First in Line for a PS4

Posted by Kell Andersen

Now that's dedication

While we sit in the comfort of our homes playing Knack, it's easy to forget that the PlayStation 4 hasn't actually released worldwide yet. The next-gen system is launching in South Korea on 17th December, and at the time of writing, there are already two dedicated fans camping out to nab their very own black box.

33-year-old Hong Suk Min and his wife planned this camp-out fifteen days ago, and brought along plenty of games and books to stop themselves from going stir crazy. They also packed a tent, hundreds of hand warmers, all manner of blankets, and a lantern. Oh, and some cold medicine, just in case they get sick. "It's hard being a console video gamer in Korea," the fan told Korean website Ruliweb. "But I wanted to show everyone that we are just as passionate. We especially wanted to show Sony Korea that our market may be small, but our passion is world-class." Bravo!

A couple of weeks ago we reported on an especially committed gentlemen who waited three days in line to get the first PS4, but this adorable couple are taking their fandom to a new extreme. Heck, it even manages to warm the cockles of our cold and cynical hearts. What do you make of this exuberant show of love for console gaming? Would you brave the cold to ensure your place in line? Pitch a tent in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

I think the response is what makes this special. Yeah, it's cool that they're camping out to get their own console — but it's even more awesome that they're trying to send a message. Really nice story.



Sanquine said:

Please send this couple a free Playstation 4 and a year supply of hot coco. I thinks it's so awesome that his wife is also waiting with him. My GF will never do this;P



BornOfEvil said:

It was reported a few weeks ago that PlayStation fans are the most loyal and this is proof of that. I salute this couple and others like them.



longshot28 said:

I think its awesome not only that they are passionate about their PS4 but excited about the community aspect and showing support.



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb Korea (according to my boss's kid) really only has smartphone games. Not even a WiiU kindled his enthusiasm for consoles. Not that everyone in Korea agrees, but evidently there's some truth to it. Good to see folks trying to change the perspective of gamers and Sony themselves



Unca_Lz said:

I remember seeing lines at my local Gamestop for both the Xbox One and PS4. I'm not sure why they were there considering there were only like 10-15 people in line...

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