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There's Only One Way You're Going to Get Hatsune Miku in Your Bedroom

Posted by Sammy Barker

Little deviants

There’s no need for the X-Factor in Japan, as the region is so technologically advanced that it’s able to manufacture its chart toppers using computers. As such, you have little to no chance of bumping into Hatsune Miku at a swanky awards ceremony – but through the power of the PlayStation Vita, you will have others opportunities to get up close and personal with the green-haired goddess.

Siliconera reports that the portable version of the upcoming rhythm action game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd will come equipped with an augmented reality mode, allowing you to enjoy a personal performance from the pretty popstar in the serene surroundings of your personal quarters. The title will take advantage of Sony’s markerless AR technology to project the singer into your chosen environment, where she’ll recite one of eight songs from the Magical Miku 2013 concert. Naturally, you’ll be able to dress her up in different clothes, too.

While the PlayStation 3 edition of the game will lack the augmented reality functionality, it will include a Live Studio mode, where you’ll have the opportunity to watch the heroine perform all eight of the abovementioned tracks with her programmed posse. Alright, it’s not quite as good as forcing the star to shake her stuff in a room carpeted with your used underwear, but at least there are no exclusive audio shenanigans between versions.


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AVahne said:

Expected, since the first Diva f game for Vita also had an AR mode.



way2easy said:

Man, this could go very wrong, especially with the vita's ability to take a screenshot at any time......

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