Not content with the cavalcade of content launching on the PlayStation Store this week? Good, because we're about to bust your wallet with another humdinger: The Walking Dead: Season Two. The hotly anticipated follow-up to Telltale Games’ award-winning series will shuffle onto the PlayStation 3 later today in North America, with the debut episode ‘All That Remains’ setting you back $4.99.

Sadly, it sounds like Sony’s made a blunder with the Season Pass, meaning that you’ll need to wait until that gets solved if you want to buy the whole series in one chunk. “This offers a 25 per cent saving over purchasing the episodes individually,” community lead Laura Perusco explained on the PlayStation Blog. “You’ll need to wait for the Season Pass in order to get the discount.”

There’s also no word on when this will be available in Europe yet, which has us worrying that it will be heavily delayed like all of the previous series' episodes. Some things never change, huh? Still, more of The Walking Dead before Christmas can’t be a bad thing. Are you shaking with anticipation for the next entry in the tear-jerking property? Cry with us in the comments section below.