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Telltale Games Teams with Gearbox for Tales from the Borderlands

Posted by Sammy Barker

Borderline bonkers

The trailer may have been irritatingly vague, but at least the VGX Awards have started off with a legitimate surprise. Gearbox has revealed that it’s teamed up with The Walking Dead creator Telltale Games to create a new episodic series based on, er, Borderlands. We don’t necessarily associate the shoot-‘n’-loot franchise with deep fiction and rich lore, but alright.

According to Telltale’s co-founder Kevin Bruner, the title’s storyline will be shaped by player choices. Gearbox is providing assistance with assets, but the game will be produced chiefly by The Wolf Among Us developer. Apparently, the studio has created new Vault Hunters for the spin-off – but we swear that we saw Handsome Jack in the trailer. All will be revealed when the title debuts in 2014.

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get2sammyb said:

I'm not convinced. I don't really like the Borderlands characters, story, lore, or humour at all. However, Telltale has proven that it's capable of great things, so we'll see.



Epic said:

Even thought I'm a huge fans of the series I can't feel happy for this announcement, I feel that the pace of the game its really hard to keep on a tales game.



Azikira said:

I just want to hear that the PS Vita version of Borderlands 2 will be the GOTY edition and be cross-play with PS3.



Tasuki said:

I thought it this was going to be a Borderlands FPS game on the PS4. OH well Telltale games are great so I will check it out.



rastamadeus said:

Can't wait for this. Telltale + Borderlands + Handsome Jack = yes please. "Hahahahahahaha... so many people are going to die."
Can see this being the Moon Base DLC that never happened, would make sense with people wanting to go do something "insane" and a Handsome Jack hologram seeing as he's no longer actually with us." Just hope we get some Tiny Tina and a bit of Gaige.



Splat said:

I'm curious about their Borderlands game. I mean Borderlands isn't a game you play for the story telling and TellTale games are so, I'm curious to see what the do with it.



odd69 said:

I love borderlands, telltale games bore me to death. Worst video game combination ever. I love borderlands alot , i mean i have the loot edition box, a claptrap action figure, and 2 psycho action figures, and even a novel lol.

And borderlands has a great storyline just no one pays attention to it because they are to busy shooting and looting. I can see why telltale chose this but geeze point and click games for me are the worst kind of game, just a snoozefest. Add in some action and then maybe i would actually enjoy it alot more. That said, im a borderlands nut so i'll have to grab this, maybe it will change my mind about boring point and click games



Splat said:

I only played the first Borderlands and thought the story was lackluster at best. I'm getting ready to get the second game off PS+ maybe I will enjoy it more.

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