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Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 18

Posted by Katy Ellis

Snow isn't falling, all around us

The holidays are coming, and that can only mean one thing – it's time to grab your favourite Christmas sweater (you know, the one that your Nan knitted for you), hold a yummy mince pie in one hand, and pick up your DualShock with the other. This weekend, here at Push Square towers, we'll be busy Trophy hunting and roasting chestnuts by the fire. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I’ll be taking my new Lotus Elise for a test drive around Brands Hatch this weekend. Sadly, I’m too young for a midlife crisis, so my shiny red sports car is a digital representation only. Still, the brilliant Gran Turismo 6 is so authentic that it may as well be real thing. Do any nice ladies need a lift?

Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor

There are only eleven days left until Christmas, so before I get enveloped by Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Tales of Xillia – two huge games – I plan on resolving some unfinished PS3 business. This means diving back into Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and tackling its New Game Plus mode, and grinding my way to Level 99 in Dragon's Crown's Super Hard mode. I suppose it's all about scales and fire-breathing this weekend, then – perfect for keeping the cold at bay.

Katy Ellis, Assistant Editor

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but my PS3 is so delightful. And since we've no place to go, let's play Ni No Kuni, Ni No Kuni, Ni No Kuni! It's been some time since I last ventured to Ding Dong Dell, so I think it's about time that I snuggled up with a hot-water bottle and finished off those extra-quest beasties with my mates Drippy, Swaine, and Ollie-boy. No, not you Esther – you suck.

Jamie O'Neill, Retro Editor

I'm still careening around Redview County in Need for Speed: Rivals. It's addictive returning to upgrade your car's performance, even after you've completed both the cop and racer careers. There's an epic twelve minute long Hot Pursuit called Grand Tour, which treks across all the diverse locations on the map. I race in a maxed out red Ferrari 458 Spider and Enzo, so I can pretend to myself that I'm actually playing OutRun 3.

Alex Stinton, Reviewer

Having put off playing it until the PS4 launch, I'll be continuing to plunder my way through Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, or as I like to call it, Assassins Creed IV: Collection Fest 2013. If I overcome my OCD long enough to tear myself away from the PS4, I'm also planning on returning to Virtue's Last Reward on the Vita. It's a game that I've been playing for so long, that I'm starting to believe it to be the longest game ever made. Does anyone have the number for Guinness World Records?

Graham Banas, Reviewer

I started going back to The Last of Us. It's just too good to not want to play again and again! I'm also counting down the days until Episode 1 of the new season of The Walking Dead starts. I can't wait for Telltale to make me sad all over again. And I've also been playing some of my PS4 games, mostly Battlefield 4 – even though it's still unfortunately pretty broken – and Sound Shapes.

Katie Rose, Reviewer

This weekend I'll be burning rubber with Need for Speed: Rivals and making the odd pit-stop in Mario Kart 7. I also, as ever, will be wishing for the existence of Mario Kart 8: Police Career. [Who is this Mario guy, anyway? - Ed].

Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

I'm looking to play Battlefield 4, Knack, and The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. Yep, that's the PS2 Spyro reboot – it's actually pretty decent. [Consider yourself demoted, Joey - Ed]. Assassin's Creed III is on my list as well, which I bought over a year ago and never finished. Curse that lame three-hour introduction.

Why brave the cold winter winds when you can sit under the Christmas tree and play Tearaway on your Vita? Share your gaming itinerary in the comments section down below.

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B4SDR4G said:

I have received my PS4 but can't play on it yet, next week is an intensive week at school, but Friday I will start no living BF4 on PS4



DrJoeystein said:

Okay, I'll clarify. That Spyro game isn't good, but, like I said, pretty decent. In other words, it's not "trash" like how most people describe it.

And I agree with Graham. The Last of Us is worth going back to. Wish I had the time to do that as well. ;_;



Tasuki said:

Well I got my Hearthstone beta invite this week so I will be playing that. Also still playing A Link Between Worlds. Other then that we will see what else I have time for.



AlexStinton said:

@Tasuki Prepare to be addicted to Hearthstone. I got into the beta last week and I can't stop playing it. Blizzard have made a genre topping game yet again and it's not even out yet.



Tasuki said:

@AlexStinton: Oh I have been playing it off and on the past few days. I haven't played a CCG since the early days of Magic the Gathering so I am really rusty. Right now I am still learning the game and seeing what works for me once I get pass that stage I am sure I will be addicted to it. Honestly I am waiting for it on droid so I can get some matches in when I am at break at work.



Superconsole said:

@RisefromAshes I'll meet you on the dance-floor in ten.

@Tasuki Ooh, Zelda - enjoying it? I've always been a console Zelda fan, I don't generally find the handheld games as captivating.. Could this one change my mind? Although saying that I have just bought mint copies of Oracles for GBC, so who knows.



naruball said:

Rayman Legends, which is all sorts of awesome. Really wish I could afford Dragon's crown. Still waiting for a decent price drop. Come on, Sony. Do it!!!



Tasuki said:

@Superconsole: Oh yeah I am quite enjoying A Link Between Worlds. This game doesn't feel like a handheld Zelda IMO. This is easily my favorite Zelda in years and is easily in my GOTY list for 2013.



ferrers405 said:

I'll finish Infamous (yes, the first!) on Hard (finally) and begin to collect those shards and do some Challenges on Rayman Legends for Vita.



InsertNameHere said:

I'm trying to finish GTA V, Tomb Raider, Puppeteer and Ni no Kuni, so my weekend is full.

@ShogunRok They should all be stoned. My reason for not playing it is that I don't have a Vita.



ShogunRok said:

@get2sammyb In a way, I envy the fact that you'll be playing Tearaway on Christmas day. It suits the occasion brilliantly because of how whimsical and heart-warming it is. Plus the whole wrapping presents thing, kind of.



JaxonH said:

PS4- nothing as of now, waiting for Tomb Raider next month
Wii U- Super Mario 3D World
Vita- Persona 4 Golden
3DS- Zelda: A Link Between Worlds



rjejr said:

Im on the couch playing guess what disease I have. Cold? Flu? Sinus infection? The fun never ends. Thankfully there was a Pokemon double feature onComedy Central, but Cupcake Wars has to be one of the worst Food Network shows of all time? Shouldnt the sick person get to choose what to watch?

when I get better I need to start Ni No Kuni to find out who Ester is and why she sucks.
All those new Spyro games suck. Even the original 4th 1 sucked on the Gamecube, NEVER should have been released, choppy unplayable slideshow. The first original Spyro will never be appreciated for how good it was at the time. Open world platforming w/ speed and violence and voice acting. Way more advanced than Mario 64.Zelda games still dont have voice acting.

Ok, time for more drugs, the fever has obviously taken over.



ztpayne7 said:

I'm playing a link between worlds on my new 3ds xl. Great game. I'm also working my way through acIV on the ps4. Meanwhile, my wife is playing countless hours of skyrim =P



Lionhart said:

I'm playing Soul Sacrifice, Rainbow Moon, Persona 3 Portable and I'll start on Uncharted Golden Abyss tomorrow. PlayStation Plus is blessing for any PS3/PSVita owner! I'm also starting on Alice Madness Returns!



Epic said:

I will play some Borderlands 2 with a friend when it comes over, still trying also to figure out why my PS3 doesn't want to stay connected to the internet for more than 4 mins.



Gemuarto said:

meh... Beat Ni no Kuni till platinum =( And it was fantastish. One of the best PS3 games. Everyone should give it a chance or two. And that incoming from someone who doesn't like Level 5 as a company.

The only bad thing was farming for alchemy trophy. Really hate random drops...



Donald_M said:

That, "Lame three hour introduction," was the only part of AssCreed III I actually enjoyed. Ah well, different strokes.



Farmboy74 said:

Still sailing and plundering the high seas in AC4 15% sync and a hell of a long way to go that game is huge!! Tearaway and Killzone Shadow Fall still under wraps.



Snipers-Origon said:

Ni No Kuni & The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap! My first Zelda experience! Liking it so far! Lol I'm trying to shrink down my PS3 backlog and catch up on some classics!



Gamer83 said:


Not my fault, I wanted to play Tearaway but it just released at the wrong time. I'll try to get it early 2014 during the slow months.



Sanquine said:

I'm going playing Ys seven right now for an article! Futhermore, on ps3 Ni no kuni ( I'm a sucker for grinding and love the side quests.. 75 hours in). Some killzone mercenary and soul sacrifice ( Online).

Looking forward to Memories of Celceta and a replay of tear away... and maybe some persona 3 on vita ( Cause geoffrey constantly talks how better Persona 3 is than 4 )



Tintin said:

I'll be playing GT6 which is flipping excellent and the also excellent Super Mario 64 which I decided to have another go at 15 years later.



Jairo_MC said:

For me, this weekend has been all about Persona 3 Portable and The Legend of Zelda: A link Between World. I'm almost fininhis them both and had a great time so far. I also played a little bit of The Last of Us and I guess I'm ready to go on and finish the story.



charlesnarles said:

KH1.5, ZOE1&2, Valkyria Chronickes, GT6, Ni No Kuni for PS3
BF4, AC4, KZ for PS4
SS, P4 for Vita



odd69 said:

Well i finally snagged a ps4! yay! So right now i'm playing DC Universe Online, cause i only had enough money to get a 20$psn card after the purchase of the Ps4. Plus the 10$ Voucher so I'll have enough to get a retail purchase soon, maybe next store update Tuesday, But ill be playing all the free-to-play games to tide me over until then!



Gmork___ said:

I AM!!! so far its as awesome and magical as the too few people say. I HAVE to support Mm as they are 1 of few developers creating incredibly original memorable games. I love them and absolutely cannot wait to see what they've got cooking for ps4.



DrJoeystein said:

@Donald_M As a massive Assassin's Creed fan, your comment scares me as to what awaits me after the introduction in AC3. lol But yeah, different strokes for different folks indeed.



Donald_M said:

@DrJoeystein Apparently I only like even numbered Assassins Creeds as I hated the first one, but loved part two and currently enjoying the hell out of Black Flag.



yakuzah said:

PS4 - Fifa 14 for me, Career Mode and I will dive into GT6 and start getting my Licenses and grinding for money

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