Christmas may be about a lot of different things, but we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t predominantly enjoy the gifts. In addition to gigantic roast dinners and terrible television shows, sharing presents has become a pivotal part of the festive experience – and we want to know whether you received any new games to keep you occupied over the winter break.

If you asked for something specific off your family or friends, did they manage to fulfil your wish? Was it a particular new game that you wanted, or were you in the market for something a little bigger – say, a PlayStation 4? Maybe the cavalcade of critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita titles has convinced you to snag Sony’s handheld machine – but are you impressed with the portable so far?

Big or small, it doesn’t really matter – we still want to know everything about your PlayStation haul. Did you receive any fresh software, and have you managed to take it for a spin yet? Maybe you gave out some gaming gifts, instead – and in which case, what did you buy for whom and why?

Wrap us up in your wintery world via the comments section below. Remember that you can attach images by uploading your festive photographs to a site such as and bookmarking the provided URL with the tags

. We hope that you’re all having a brilliant day. And on the off-chance that you’re not, remember: it’ll all be over soon.