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Sony Still 'Working Hard' on the LittleBigPlanet HUB

Posted by Sammy Barker


Sony has not abandoned the LittleBigPlanet HUB. The platform holder has been crafting the free-to-play creation tool for some time, but it hasn’t really said an enormous amount about it since its announcement at GamesCom earlier in the year. However, community co-ordinator Steven Isbell has confirmed that the company’s still “working hard” on the spin-off behind the scenes.

“We hope to be able to update you soon,” he explained on the PlayStation Blog, adding that the recently announced DC Comics Premium Level Pack can partly be attributed to the firm’s silence. “We have just been a little busy with some of our favourite superheroes recently because we knew that you would want to see them before Christmas.”

Sackboy’s complimentary excursion was set to release this year on the PlayStation 3, but we can’t help but wonder if the platform holder might have considered extending support to its next generation system, too. The freemium title will supposedly include all of the content from LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2, but in a pay-as-you-go format. There will be exclusive stages to explore as well.

Still, with Media Molecule’s platformers available for a pittance from most second-hand shops, we’re still not quite sure how much value this will have on the Japanese giant’s current generation console. Are you attracted to the idea of a cheap and cheerful trip to the imagisphere? Open your play box in the comments section below.


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Dodoo said:

LBP was ruined for me by very bad controls. Not sure how it rated so highly when sackboy himself controlled like a sack of potatoes.

That was a great shame as I loved the level design, music, creativity etc...



InsertNameHere said:

I think the hub should be on the PS3, PS4 & Vita (if possible). Making it crossplatform could really increase its longevity and allow the people who traded in their PS3's to experience the game.



get2sammyb said:

@Dodoo It's not really a precision platformer, though, is it? I've genuinely never understood this complaint, to be honest.



Dodoo said:

@get2sammyb - No definitely not a precision platformer. I just found it frustrating trying to move sackboy in certain situations and he would either refuse and/or be very sluggish in doing so, by which time you're dead. Also he seemed to have a mind of his own sometimes and I just found it too frustrating to play on the harder levels so gave up.

Strangely enough i didn't find the controls such an issue on Vita (which I played first) compared to LBP1. Not sure why?



get2sammyb said:

@Dodoo I believe they tightened up the controls for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita after the response to the PS3 games!



Dodoo said:

@get2sammyb - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the PS4 installment (if there is one?!) will be improved also.

In the mean time I'm completely loving Tearaway. Gameplay is nailed down in that one!



Epic said:

I hope that they make it cross plataform, It would really expand the userbase and in these type of games the user base is everything.
More users = More Amazing stages.



Shellybird27 said:

people have mind some of the most amazing levels on LBP 2, that Zelda level was mind-blowing, how did they do that with such a limited intterface? Some of the levels are more detailed than a lot of AAA! It's Crazy, they should hire some of these guys!



artemisthemp said:

I had totally forgotten about LBP HUB.
They may should consider switching from PS3 to PS4, since LBP seem like a popular title on Playstation

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