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Sony: PS Vita TV Has Strong Market Potential Around the Globe

Posted by Sammy Barker

It only does a bit of everything

Despite an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the diminutive device, Sony’s brand new PS Vita TV hasn’t exactly enjoyed a rip-roaring start in its native Japan. The microscopic machine – which launched last month in the region – started out strong with sales of 40k units during its first week available, but it quickly slumped to just 7k units in its second week on store shelves.

The slow uptake may be disappointing, but the platform holder’s bullish about the product's prospects regardless – and it still sees an opportunity to bring the technology overseas. Speaking with, group president Andrew House explained that this is still a relatively new idea for the Eastern market, and that’s why it decided to launch there first.

“This may sound slightly counter-intuitive, but we wanted to launch in Japan first because I feel there really hasn't been a critical driver or device that's driven the adoption of streaming content overall,” he said. “It's still very much in a nascent stage in Japan compared to some of the markets in Europe or the US.”

For those out of the loop, the micro-console uses the features and functionality of the PlayStation Vita's operating system in order to deliver video streaming services, games, and, in the future, PlayStation 4 Remote Play. In truth, it’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades product, but the appeal of the hardware hasn’t been overlooked in the West, where the platform has been fervently requested by fans.

It's a plea that the manufacturer has heard. “It's a very different landscape when you look at the US and Europe – much greater establishment of streaming video services, and much greater understanding of what that concept's all about,” House continued. “We see strong market potential elsewhere in the world, but it will be a different road to market for the US and Europe than has been the case in Japan.” speculates that Sony may be waiting until Gaikai launches before releasing the device in different territories. The streaming service would add another tick to the unit’s checklist, allowing you not only to watch videos and browse the web, but also play potentially thousands of PlayStation 3 games courtesy of the cloud. The online network is set to launch next year in North America.

The big question is: would you find a use for the device if it did launch overseas? It’s clear that Sony’s giving the idea a lot of thought, but like House suggests, with Roku boxes common in the Western world, PS Vita TV may need to offer much more than limited game compatibility in order to have an impact in Europe and North America. Broadcast your thoughts in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

To be honest, I feel like I want one of these — but I'm not entirely sure why. I guess it would be good to stream PS4 games to a different TV?



Epic said:

I want this to play all those Vita games I have missed and take advantage of dat' PS+, it would be just perfect for my room.
IMO there's no better way to game like playing on couch/floor with a controller, its just a classic way to play.



get2sammyb said:

@Epic The problem is that this won't play all Vita games. Something like Tearaway, for example, which takes advantage of all of the console's features will never be compatible. I don't even think Gravity Rush works at the moment.



Epic said:

@get2sammyb that's the only downside, for that kind of games I might take up my frien's Vita, Tearaway is something I don't want to miss



Splat said:

Depending on price I would be interested in getting one in the US. There are a few games like Uncharted for Vita that I would love to play.

I just don't have much interest in owning a handheld gaming device.



artemisthemp said:

@Splat Keep in mind that, Game like Uncharted: Golden Abyss require a patch for PS Vita TV to work.

However the potential is their with games like Soul Sacrifice Delta and God Eater 2 been playable on device



odd69 said:

Why is this not in the us already? just release it already sony, see what happends, i would buy one



eLarkos said:

I don't think it will sell well in any region. As someone who loves new gadgets, I'm struggling to justify a reason to purchase (although I would buy one if I could). If I'm struggling im sure the majority of consumers will also. I don't think many people want to play Vita games and just as many want to buy a new console to play ps1&2 games... Even if it is a cheaper option. Its even limited in developing nations as it requires Internet access for the most part.



Sanquine said:

i WANT THIS. 100 euro is close to nothing. I think many people will buy it because it's that cheap. If sony market it on the right way it can be a sucess.

@eLarkos : Disagree, i also love gadgets and the justification is playing my vita games on the couch, streaming PS4 games everywhere:D and playing tekken 2 all over again>? For 100 bucks? For 100 bucks you dont need justification:D



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - "To be honest, I feel like I want one of these — but I'm not entirely sure why."

You, me ... and 47,000 Japanese.

I honestly still don't know how this thing works 100%. And I feel the same way about the $35 Chromecast - and I own an Android tablet. Having a DVI 720p HD tv means hooking up any HDMI devices probably isn't going to happen anyway.



Sanquine said:

@eLarkos Haha, nice one. I see myself going to friends and have a fun night with some belgium beers and tekken 2!



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine "...the justification is playing my vita games on the couch"? You could just, y'know, play the Vita on the couch...
I really don't understand the point of this machine, it seems (frankly) an absurd waste of time. Also it'll be confusing for the casual market as there will be PS3, PS4, PSV and PSTV. These people are idiots and can't tell the difference between a Wii and Wii U despite a bloody big U in the logo, so God knows what four different PlayStation devices would do to them.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus HUH? I agree on the people are to dumb to understand the differences with gaming consoles while they buy a new Iphone when they put an S after the 5



grenworthshero said:

I'd love one of these because I'm not really a handheld gamer. But, if you put it on the big screen that's a different story.



PMasterTy9 said:

I think it will sell very well if marketed right. I wanted one partly for the remote play and it plays most Vita games since I didn't have a Vita at the time, But now that I recently purchased a Vita it still has other features that I can use and if I want to I can play my Vita games on TV.



rjejr said:

@rastamadeus - "it'll be confusing for the casual market as there will be PS3, PS4, PSV and PSTV. These people are idiots and can't tell the difference between a Wii and Wii U despite a bloody big U in the logo,"

I'm not confused between the PS3, PS4 and Vita, but it seems like a "Vita TV" would hook up your already owned Vita to the tv, but this replaces the Vita. But you still need a controller to control your games, but you don't use a Vita you use a PS3 or maybe PS4 DS. Heck I don't even know and I follow this stuff. Maybe they could call it PS4 TV Streamer, or PS+ Player?

As for Wii U. It's not a big U, it's a little apostrophe asterisk sort of thing, easily dismissed on a box w/ a picture of a Wii and a Gamepad next to it. At least that's how Target always has it in their flyers, a Wii next to a Gamepad. I like and understand the name choice, but the system shouldn't have looked almost exactly like a Wii, it should have looked more like a Wii Mini, which Target has 3 of on it's shelf, but it' doens't have any Wii U. Releasing the Wii Mini this holiday in the US in it's very attractive red form w/ red Wiimote at a $99 price point while the Wii U suffers was a very suicidal move. It's like Nintendo is more concerned w/ fighting off the Ouya than saving the Wii U.



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - I don't know about all of them but Aya Ueto certainly is. Funny thing first time I ever saw her was in the film Azumi as a killing machine. She was still cute, but not adorable.

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