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Rumour: Will Sony Show PS4's Virtual Reality Headset at CES?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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There’s no smoke without fire, and the thick plumes pouring out of Sony’s research and development department indicate that it’s working on an Oculus Rift-esque virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. The add-on was rumoured by several outlets earlier in the year, before a slew of patents all but confirmed the (presumably expensive) peripheral. But could the wearable technology be announced early next year?

Speculation had suggested that the Japanese giant was planning to announce the device at the Tokyo Game Show, but it changed course in order to focus its attention on its next generation console’s launch. However, in an off-the-cuff conversation on Twitter, likeable Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has hinted that the delayed reveal may actually occur at CES 2014 in January. You better rest up over the holidays, because it looks like there’s another hectic twelve months ahead.

In truth, the exchange that’s sparked this latest rumour was rather innocent. IGN reporter Scott Lowe posted an old picture of an exhibition attendee testing out a headset, to which Yoshida responded, “We’ll see you on news sites when they post a photo of journalists taking photos of a newly announced product at CES 2014.” At a glance, it looks like an innocent joke between two acquainted industry figures – but it doesn’t take much to read a little deeper.

And if you really want to tie the abovementioned comments to some form of PS4 headset, it’s worth mentioning that Kaz Hirai is set to deliver the headline keynote at this year’s convention in Las Vegas. Granted, the executive spends most of his time trying to flog 4K televisions now that he’s got the keys to big office at Sony Corp, but there’s a slim chance that the company could announce something like this if it wants to steal some headlines among the enthusiast electronics crowd.

Personally, we’re not convinced. Sony’s still struggling to meet the initial wave of demand regarding its next generation console, and we honestly think that the firm’s best storing up any ammunition until it actually needs it. Besides, new technology such as virtual reality needs to be presented in the right way, otherwise it threatens to either unrealistically inflate expectations or completely underwhelm. Personally, we suspect that this has already got top billing at E3 in June.


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Cowboysfan-22 said:

Yea E3 makes much more sense. There's still so much hype about the PS4 that Sony doesn't need to announce anything huge. Save it for when people are hungry for something new because we all know in today's world the latest thing only lasts a short time



JaxonH said:

I don't think anyone is looking forward to spending ANOTHER $400 right now. Not to mention, this thing's gonna have to bring the goods, cause anything less than spectacular will in fact underwhelm.

Also consider that games for a VR headset have to be designed specifically for it. No porting Tomb Raider over to it or anything like that. The games must be built ground up due to heights, speeds and perception being totally different than that of a 2 dimensional screen. Which means it would require separate games. I'm skeptical, but will reserve judgement until I see it in action.



tonyp1987 said:

Its a cool idea maybe we might get games like metal gear solid vr (ps4) or gta 6 (vr) or imo what I would buy Is the last of us 2 (vr) and lego vr lol.



mibtar said:

I'm not really sold into the VR tech simply because I like playing in front of a big LED TV. But I realized what if it's also compatible with the Vita? VR games on the go would be awesome, at least you won't have to worry about fitting your PS4 in your luggage. Of course you'd be sitting duck to thieves and pranksters but what the heck.

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