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Rumour: PS4 Loses Black Friday Battle Against Xbox One

Posted by Sammy Barker

One console to rule them all

There’s been nothing but good news surrounding the PlayStation 4 of late, but Microsoft may have finally uncovered a chink in the Japanese giant’s armour. According to research firm Infoscout, the Xbox One beat Sony’s new super machine to the top of the Black Friday sales charts last week. The research group collated the data from 102,000 tracked North American receipts, and discovered that the Redmond-based manufacturer’s device made up 31 per cent of the sales, while the PlayStation maker’s next generation console managed just 15 per cent.

Of course, context is important in this scenario. The PS4 has been particularly supply constrained in North America of late due to the system’s release in Europe requiring a hearty shipment of stock. With its primary competitor sending the majority of its supply to the USA, it’ll be interesting to see which platform holder comes out on top in the November NPD report. Sony commanded an early lead by selling one million units in the territory within 24 hours, but it’s struggled to keep the device on store shelves. Who’s your money on? Flash your cash in the comments section below.


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WCamicase said:

I'll be buying the Mega Pack next week but yesterday a regular PS4 shipment arrived to the store I'll be buying mine. I have never seen that store so full, it was only selling PS4's
And believe me, I live in an island where most of people say that gaming is for kids, but it was full of adults, something I never expected to see
That didn't happen with the WiiU nor the PS3 that came before it



sdavala said:

already got my ps4. not sure what to think about the battle. As long as people are buying both systems, that's good for me. Now comes the time for developers to make some better titles.



DirectAim said:

America is Sony's weakest market, the fact xb1 sold more is like being shocked that Sony sells more in Japan!!



Scollurio said:

Well sony has sold out their PS4s already by black friday AND americans are a better demographics for the X-Bone's TV-features I reckon.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeeeeeah...this news doesn't mean anything about the consoles' relative success due to the facts admitted in the very same article. Of COURSE Sony couldn't compete on Black Friday in America when that was also launch day overseas! America may historically be Sony's weakest market, and I'm sure it'll remain Microsoft's strongest, but I still don't really believe MS will win out overall...not after they screwed up so badly, no matter how much damage control they've done.



moomoo said:

Couldn't that just be because there were more Xbox Ones available?



longshot28 said:

I find it odd, that MS would claim a black friday victory over PS4 when A.) Black friday is an american event and B.) PS4's EU launch was the same day.

If asked who sold more consoles period on NOV 29th MS would be sad.



Epic said:

There wasn't stock to sale in the first place, that's why it lost IMHO.



Grockumus said:

The most important part of statistics are not just the numbers, folks, but how the statistics themselves are worded/presented.



NathanUC said:

I wonder how availability played into the sales. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Xbox One stock in stores, but I think I've only seen one total PS4 in the wild since launch.

Either way, it's no surprise that Xbox is a more popular name than PlayStation in America. It's nothing for us gamers to be concerned about because it's still a fairly even market between the two(which is really good for gaming).



Sutorcen said:

Hardly a shocker when the PS4 is sold out almost everyhere.

Talking about outselling the PS4... NOT.



Gamer83 said:

I want the Xbox One to be a strong seller because the more competition the better, but I'm disappointed that it's not getting beat by the PS4 and Wii U. While I want it to be a strong third, I think MS deserves to finish last based on what it tried to pull with the check-ins and other garbage. The console does have a strong library of upcoming games, I can't deny that, but I expect PS4, once Sony's first party machine gets rolling, will surpass it. And Nintendo provides a great compliment to either system because of the unique experiences you can get on that console not available elsewhere. Xbox One will probably take NA in the end but if Sony can cut the wide gap that separated PS3 and 360, that's a big win and gives the PS4 a chance in worldwide sales.

Most important thing though, it seems like both new systems have a lot of momentum and there is renewed interest in Wii U thanks to Super Mario 3D World and the start of a new generation. The market is hopefully set for a big turn around after a fair number of down years.



Visiblemode said:

This is 100%, an issue of stock, guys. Up till a few days ago (and maybe still) many american retailers STILL had 'Day One Editions.'

PS4 sold exactly as well as was humanly possible on the biggest US shopping day of the year. They sold literally all of them. There were no more to sell. Being "outsold" when you sellout is sort of a misleading idea.

Especially when Microsoft was still selling launch stock, and refueling it, as Sony was launching over a million additional units in territories Microsoft already launched in.

This "winning black friday" story is MS spin. Like most of their spin, it's based on a very weak premise and ignores extremely important facts.

It's like having a contest where you can choose your own prize out of 10 available prizes. Winners get to select a prize from a table in the order their names are called. Among the prizes are one PS4 and nine frisbees. The first winner goes up and chooses the PS4 and the remaining nine are, obviously, stuck with frisbees. The headline: Frisbees More in Demand than PS4, 9:1!" Ummm, yeah, not quite the whole story.

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