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Rumour: Borderlands 2 Looting PS Vita on 18th March in North America

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pandora in your pocket

With the exceptional Tearaway already available, the roster of upcoming PlayStation Vita retail releases is looking a little dry. Fortunately, there could be a big game set to take charge of your device's cartridge slot sooner than you think, as North American retailer Newegg reckons that Borderlands 2 is set to fire its way onto the handheld on 18th March. That’s a Tuesday, so it’s certainly possible.

We haven’t really heard a whole lot about the re-release – which is in production at Iron Galaxy Studios – since its announcement at GamesCom earlier in the year, and the product listing sadly doesn’t provide any additional information. It will be interesting to see whether the, er, portable port actually comes with all of the console version’s expansion packs. It seems unlikely to us.

Nevertheless, this is the first title that's being produced as part of Sony’s new conversion and localisation division, so it will need to make a strong first impression. As evidenced in a recent feature, we reckon that this title has the potential to really shine on the pocketable platform – assuming that the abovementioned developer can nail the translation. Are you cautiously optimistic? Open the green chest in the comments section below.


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tonyp1987 said:

Im excited to see what it will look like and what content it will have. I think they might sell the game and give you a voucher to download the dlc for the Game. But I will buy it to add to my collection for ps vita which already has a backlog of games to play lol.



Splat said:

I actually just finished BL 2 on PS3 not to long ago and loved it! I liked the first game but felt the second was better in every way. The Tiny Tina DLC alone is worth getting the game.



Epic said:

I still don't understand why did they gave out this game for free PS+ members last month if this one was already on the pipeline. :/



rastamadeus said:

Hmmm. Sounds far too soon to be true, especially as we've hear next to nothing and seen even less.

@Splat Brilliant game, isn't it? It's the best game I've played this year bar none. Shame I got into it this year rather than last as I can't call it a game of the year but oh well. And the Tina DLC is wonderful fan service.



gigeot808 said:

held out on this one for ps3, will definitely pick it up for vita, especially seeing as the release date is my birthday



Tasuki said:

I hope it's the GOTY edition, that way I can play the mechnomancer.



eLarkos said:

Gosh, this is going to sell poorly. It was a strange/bad idea in the first place but now after the ps+ promotion it is doomed. Sony with the Vita makes my head hurt.



JaxonH said:

Well, it's a late port just like most Vita games scheduled for 2014 thus far, so it probably won't rake in many newcomers. But for people like me who own a Vita and never played it, it's a perfect release. Had this pre ordered for weeks now through Newegg. Should come out same day as Final Fantasy X/X-2.



Ps4all said:

That works for me. I luckily missed the ps3 version, although I loved the first borderlands. Cannot wait to get the Vita version. More vita fps please.



Gamer83 said:

Nice to finally have a release date. I may actually pre-order this now. Never played it on PS3.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@rastamadeus Is that really surprising? Most PS Vita ports by Sony go dark right up until release. But you are right about it being too soon to be true. If it is true it will be slaughtered by the big releases of March.



ObviouslyAdachi said:

I hope they fix the game in this port. On the PS3, it has ridiculous difficulty spikes at the very beginning of the game, and after failing to get anywhere, I quit and never touched the game again. I wanted to like this game, but sometimes sequels should have tutorials and not pit you against a relatively difficult boss without any explanation or enough ammunition right in the beginning.



Sutorcen said:

Iron Galaxy Studios have neither listed the game in their projects list nor is there any news on their blog. Isn't this a game you should be showcasing? To be honest this has me worried a bit.

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