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Rumour: Asda to Temporarily Replenish UK PS4 Stock on Tuesday

Posted by Sammy Barker

Get them before they're gone

There’ll come a day when you’ll be able to walk into a shop and purchase a PlayStation 4 without needing to worry about whether or not it’s actually in stock – but that moment is not now. Sony’s next generation system has been in short supply in the UK since its release on 29th November, and remains difficult to find in retail stores. Fortunately, as our recent reports have indicated, there is still hope that you’ll be able to secure a system before Christmas.

VG247 reports that supermarket giant Asda is holding its supply back until 13th December, when it’ll put a bunch of wild systems on store shelves. We recently contacted the outfit and were informed that new stock will be available before 25th December, but it wouldn’t tell us when those units would be put out for general sale. We have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to announce this soon, as if it’s stockpiling hardware it may have some form of promotion in mind.

As is always the case, it’s best to check with your local branch as often as possible before making any long journeys. Tesco has indicated to us that it is expecting deliveries of the device to arrive more frequently over the coming weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see if the console becomes easier to find in the run-up to Christmas. Assuming that it doesn’t, don’t forget to turn your attention to our UK PS4 stock guide for more pointers.


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bboysahin12 said:

I can't wait for Tuesday man I have being waiting for nearly 3weeks from sainsburys still no sign no info so I'm gonna get it from asda hopefully



BC95 said:

The only problem is they haven't announced what time they will be in stock, I assume they get deliveries at around 6:30-7ish, or maybe earlier, so i'll just look online around that time so I don't miss them. I tried reserving one yesterday, but the order messed up and they were sold out before I could do it again, so it better work on Tuesday or it wont be a happy xmas for me....



xWELSHxBOIx said:

I work at an Asda store and we received 3 PS4's yesterday thats it, who knows what other stores have received. I was looking to buy one and was then told I'd have to wait till tuesday. Been told we are not allowed to sell them till then. Well annoyed/gutted but come Tuesday at 6am I should have a PS4 in my posession.



fireysam said:

@xWELSHxBOIx will they sell then at 6am then? If its a 24 hour store will they sell them at midnight? I got let down with my pre-order code coz they were having problems with their code system & instead of my release day console, I got a bloody deposit refund. Been desperate for one since!



xWELSHxBOIx said:

My store it would be 6am because thats when it opens, not sure about a 24 hr store, id imagine so seeing as it would be Tuesday.

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