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Rayman Legends Makes History on PS4 in Late February

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg

It’s hard to imagine how it could possibly look any prettier, but Rayman Legends is set to wind up on the PlayStation 4 on 25th February in North America and 28th February in Europe. Nonchalantly announced during a Ubisoft investors meeting earlier in the year, the re-release will ship with suppressed loading times and an exclusive Assassin’s Creed costume on Sony’s system.

Elsewhere, the title will take advantage of the DualShock 4’s touchpad for certain interactions such as scratching Lucky Tickets, as well as Remote Play streaming and video sharing. There’s no word on a price at the time of writing, but we’re sure that the publisher will update with additional information imminently. In the meantime, let us know if you’re eager to revisit the Glade of Dreams in the comments section. Oh, and check out the trailer starring Snoop Dogg embedded below.

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rastamadeus said:

Been playing this on Vita the last few days after the 12 Days Of Christmas deal an I'm massively disappointed. Boring, bland (game play wise I mean as the visuals are lush beyond belief), predictable, easy, touch screen gubbins in there just to cross a checklist off, awful music and just tediously bad. I love 2D platformers more than any other genre and this is one of the worst I've ever played. Origins was at least great despite the fact Rayman is in desperate need of a slap every time he opens his stupid mouth but I just find this sequel... dreadful. Admittedly my annoyance comes from touchscreen bits more than anything so has anyone played both versions fully and could say if it's worth giving it a go on PS3? I want to like it as I love the genre.



Shellybird27 said:

@rastamadeus Not to start an argument, but you're comments are so tedius to read. You are never happy, ever. You're always complaining about something, seriously what are you doing here?



naruball said:

One of the best games I've ever played in my life. I honesty couldn't agree more with you @Shellybird27 (some people are just mad at life) and couldn't disagree more with rastamadeus. Oh well.



rastamadeus said:

@Shellybird27 It's called having an opinion. Was saying how good No Man's Sky, that zombie parkour game and Tales From Borderlands look just the other night but I suppose reading something positive wouldn't be so tedious. But no beef, don't like what I say don't read what I write. Simple. Few people on here that I don't read what they say as they can't seem to understand their opinion isn't gospel, like saying (for example) Knack is good because they think it looks good (yet haven't played it) whereas the reviewers who slated it have played it.

@naruball I'm sure there's games you find terrible that I'd like. That's life. Have you actually played the Vita version or the PS3 one? I'm tempted to try it on the main console as I think without the pointless touchscreen bits I may enjoy it more. Also who is that in your avatar, looks like a female Noel Fielding (well, more female)?



eLarkos said:

@Shellybird27 A discussion is far less interesting when everyone is in agreement. I personally think its great to read a different opinion. I often comment when I have different viewpoint regardless of whether it will be perceived as negative.



naruball said:

It's Lucy Lawless from Xena: The Warrior Princess
I've been playing non stop the vita version since it received a discount on psn store 3(?) days ago. I absolutely love everything about the game. I mean fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to me this game screams "masterpiece". I played Mario 3d Land about a week ago and it felt like a chore. Then I started playing Rayman and I haven't been able to do any uni work. I find it that good. And not in a , "Oh I really like Knack, though no else does" kind of way. I find it technically good.
Have you played the level with the "eye of the tiger" music. No idea about the console version. Platforms don't make much sense to me on a big screen.



ReigningSemtex said:

@TOMBOY25 nice one for the links tomb raider is a good price have you ordered from 365 before? If so do they do a price promise like amazon and what are they like with getting games to you on time? I pre ordered Mario 3d world from wowhd recently had only used them once before and I am still waiting for it to arrive... never again lol.



rastamadeus said:

@naruball See I felt the exact opposite about both that and Mario 3D Land. Yes, it's not the best Mario game but the seven hours it took to finish it were joyous while Rayman - a handful of levels apart - have made me want to stop playing. I won't, as until I finish it I can't be 100% sure on a game, but at the moment it's easily down there with the Bubsy the Bobcat games. The only level I've really enjoyed is that rock opera one, but I'd played that on demo pods in Game dozens of times previous. Sticking it with it though and who knows, it may convert me yet.



TOMBOY25 said:

@ReigningSemtex 365games are pretty great orders have always been on time but not sure about the price thingy, and never buy from wowhd seriously they're awful.

@rastamadeus i'd say give it a go on ps3 i had it and enjoyed it.
(I bought the ps3 version over wii u as i also hated the touchscreen bits but in the ps3 you just press O to activate it, also i got 100% on 3D land that game was awesome)



Tasuki said:

Looking forward to it, I just might pick it up if they dont decide to delay it like they did with the Wii U version.



rastamadeus said:

@TOMBOY25 See that sounds much better. When I got the PS3 demo I thought it was fantastic, just the Vita version I've found abysmal. I do wish games would have optional touchscreen controls, not everyone finds it as fun as the developers think.



rjejr said:

@RisefromAshes - "Puppeteer."

That would get my vote. Insomniac Games might also feel differently.

@RaymanFan2 - "Snoop LION. Gosh. Get it right, man"

That was my initial reaction as well. And then I watched the video and Snoop himself refers to himself as Snoop Dog at the end. I'm old and my ears are going but the difference between lion and dog is pretty clear.

The game was made for the Gamepad, and someday I'll play it on the Gamead. (I would have played it already had I known Sega was going to patch the Sonic game to make it user friendly.) The PS3 demo seemed all wrong after playing it for awhile on Wii U. Someday I'll have a PS4 for Last Guardian, BGE2 and U4, but I'm not getting 1 for a 2D, or 3D, platformer.



Gamer83 said:

Bought the digital version for Vita from the PS Store sale and $17.99 well spent. And I'm generally not a fan of the Rayman games, couldn't even really get too far in Origins. For some reason really enjoy this one though.


Honestly, since you have access to the console, I'd say just go ahead and buy the Wii U version since that's the system this game was made for and there will probably be a post-Christmas sale. It's going to be full priced on PS4 and it seems like any extra content will be trivial at best. At least with something like Assassin's Creed IV on PS4 you got the best looking version and a bit of extra gameplay with the Aveline storyline. The type of game Rayman is, unless there's a bunch more challenge levels or whatever, it's tough to get a better version than ones already available.

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