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PS4 Stock Sells Like Lightning at Amazon in North America

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s next generation console is breaking records all over the globe at the moment – and there’s no sign of that enthusiasm slowing down. temporarily restocked the next generation console in North America earlier this week, but it sold out in approximately 25 minutes. Who said that dedicated gaming devices are dead again?

Of course, it’s not clear how much stock the online retailer actually received, which may have influenced the above statistic. It took the Xbox One several hours to sell out of its allotment, but speculation suggests that Microsoft is shipping more units to the region right now. That’s presumably because Sony’s system is due out in parts of Asia imminently.

Despite the limited availability, it is possible to find a PS4 if you search hard enough. Stores are being replenished around the world, and while you may need to keep phoning your local outlets to stay abreast of the situation, it’s not impossible to track a device down. Are you struggling to find a next generation console? Sell out in the comments section below.


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RisefromAshes said:



PS4's price tag AND superior hardware over the competition is too irresistible.

I'm saying it now.

PS4 will become the first console to sell over 200 million worldwide.



Hokage17 said:

PS4 is definitely off to a great start and judging by the records they're off to the best start in console history. Having already sold 2.1 million worldwide and more than likely to hit another million in Asia, the PS4 will be done sold more units in it's overall launch than PS3 and 360 did did in it's entire 1st year. Amazing.



InsertNameHere said:

PS4 pre-orders sold out in 26 minutes (second batch) in Japan, which is impressive since Japan favors handhelds.



holdemnutz said: helped a lot of people find consoles!
It's a tracking site that alerts you when a company starts selling consoles online.
It works pretty well too. Too bad they can't make companies sell the stock though



moomoo said:

@RisefromAshes Not a chance. With Japan going more and more portable every generation, they won't be boosting sales as much as in the past. That's without taking into account Sony's production capabilities within a span of time. The PS4 is going to start losing demand after around 6 years (unless if something weird happens with the industry. People like change. Just look at this launch). You'd need insane numbers within that time to get to the 200 million lifetime sales needed.



RisefromAshes said:


The launch of the PS4 has shown us how popular it is.

Sony are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Let's see what happens.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@RisefromAshes I won't go as far to say that 200 million is impossible, but I'd agree with @moomoo that it's unlikely. The PS3 reached about 80 million global sales by now. I think the PS4 will do much better over the same period (or even in 10 years from launch), but more than twice the numbers seems too high for me...but as you said: let's see what happens.

Off topic: is that a Baine pic from the movie or you cosplaying? Just curious.



Ps4all said:

The more online the merrier! I know a bunch of my friends that used to be xb360 guys have converted, so I am happy to have most of my friends on one console! As long as Sony keeps making ps4s leading up to Christmas they will keep selling out.

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