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PS4 Sim Pure Pool Proves That Girls Can Play Too

Posted by Sammy Barker

Rack 'em up

We’re really not sure what to make of this debut trailer for VooFoo’s upcoming PlayStation 4 billiards simulation Pure Pool. On the one hand, the balls look absolutely exquisite – but we’re not overly sold on the frankly frightening character models. Beyond the Daisy Dukes and silicone breasts, though, the British-based developer is promising a spiritual successor to the stunning Hustle Kings.

“Pretty much forget everything that you know about pool games thus far, because we’re skipping several levels and taking Pure Pool to a whole other dimension,” creative producer Shaun Read explained on the PlayStation Blog. “This game will bring a living, breathing, connected Pool Hall to the convenience of your living room.”

The studio’s aiming for photo-realism this time around, and it’s employing a bevy of nifty “graphical techniques” to help it to attain that. We have a complicated visual algorithm that it could try to help it to attain its goal: take out the humans. The title’s set to break off in 2014, giving the team plenty of time to polish those balls to perfection. Will you be putting some cash down on this game? Pot the black in the comments section below.


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eliotgballade said:

looks quite good , like the bit when that man breaks the cue across his knee
at the end ( earl "the pearl" strickland style ) cos he's been beaten by that bird who is playing left handed when she is actually right handed !



acdramon said:

Yea, not to fond of the animations. The graphics on the other hand look so nice!

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