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PS4 Camera Plays Hide and Seek with UK Stores

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s revamped PlayStation Camera probably wasn’t at the top of your PlayStation 4 wishlist when you picked up the next generation console, but now that you've had a chance to spend some time with the system – and ogled The Playroom’s easy Trophy list – you may be coming around to the idea of snapping up the upgraded optical extra. There’s just one problem: it’s not particularly easy to find.

Much like the system itself, the enhanced EyeToy is selling out all over the UK, with many online retailers not sure when new units will arrive. allows you to order now and promises to provide updates when it has fresh stock available, while Tesco is offering a similar service.

Fortunately, there are some units starting to trickle back into stores. Argos has stock available for pickup or home delivery, while the GAME website also has new supplies available now. If you’re eager to save a few pennies, however, has the best price on the peripheral at £54.85. Are you planning to pick up one of the stylish lenses? Share your cam in the comments section below.

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InsertNameHere said:

I like this. Sony didn't have to sell the camera by refusing to move it from the basic sku - unlike some other platform holder - instead the PS4 Camera is selling based on its own merits.

It's also good because buying the camera helps make up for the $60 Sony is losing on each PS4. I guess people really want to livestream with their face on the feed.



way2easy said:

Anyone else notice that Europe and Australia get shafted again with the camera? Americans get the camera stand included while everyone else has to purchase it separately...... I'm actually getting used to getting shafted these days.



Malouff said:

@way2easy At least Europe got the Magma Red & Wave Blue DS4.
I don't know if Australia got it yet but we have yet to get a release in the USA.

That and Europe got an official Sony brand charging station & vertical stand while in the USA only 3rd party are sold.



way2easy said:

Hey that's true. (although Australia didn't get the coloured controllers....) I haven't picked up a charging station yet. I want one that plugs into a wall socket so I don't use up the PS4 usb ports. Does anyone know how the official Sony one is powered? Otherwise I will get a 3fd party one.



coroum said:

I am not buying the ps4 if i dont see any good use of the camera in a game and at least a decent move game... Like the sports champions 1 sword and shield game

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