Do you remember the time long ago, when a shipped game didn't need constant patches to make it playable? Neither do we. On that note, a recent post on the 2K Blog has detailed a massive update for NBA 2K14 on the PlayStation 4. The patch, scheduled for release sometime over the next few days, will see a whole host of fixes to the game's robust social features, including limiting disconnects and stabilising league play.

Most interesting, though, is the gargantuan list of gameplay tweaks. Some highlights include the adjustment of in-air collision physics to make defenders "stronger", as well as the correction of a commentary issue in which the announcers would compliment your player on a strength that they didn't necessarily have. You can find the exhaustive list of fixes through here. Have you been tearing up the court in this gorgeous next-gen experience? Do you think that these tweaks sound like a slam dunk? Shoot and score in the comments section below.