People in Japan must have more patience than the rest of the world. While we tend to fidget whenever a trailer fails to show an explosion for more than five seconds, this footage of PlayStation Vita exclusive Freedom Wars outlines the title’s control scheme in painstakingly precise detail. Did you know that the left analogue stick allows you to move your character?

There’s some value to the video as it offers a much better look at the hookshot mechanic. This can be used as both a navigational tool and as method to hold your foes in place. Latch onto their legs and you’ll be able to trip them up – while you can even pull yourself towards their noggins and give them a sharp jab in the eye.

The mode that Sony’s focusing on at the moment sees you working alongside your team to free a human hostage from a giant monster, before outrunning said adversary as you attempt to transport the hapless prisoner back to safety. It almost looks like a fusion of Monster Hunter and multiplayer classic 'Capture the Flag', which we suppose sounds interesting enough.

Still, we hope that we get a better trailer soon, because we feel like we’ve spent half an hour with an angry mob after sitting through this one. Is this title still on your radar, or are you disappointed by what’s been shown so far? Tug your thoughts into the comments section below.