Fans of Square Enix’s bizarrely popular Disney and role-playing game mash-up Kingdom Hearts will know that the Keyblade has evolved a lot since the series’ inception. What started life as a mere weapon in the original release has also doubled as a vehicle in more recent entries – and series creator Tetsuya Nomura teases that there’s plenty more madness to come in Kingdom Hearts III.

“In the [latest] trailer, we saw [the Keyblade] transform into the shape of a gun, but there are also some other unbelievable transformations,” he told Famitsu magazine, as translated by Siliconera. “The other day, when we were checking it out, the staff member said ‘it turns into ____’ and I impulsively replied with, ‘Are you serious?’”

According to the developer, the beauty of the gimmick is that it has “infinite possibilities”. Where can we acquire one of these multipurpose devices? While we go in search of our own Keyblade, know that the PlayStation 4 sequel is in production concurrently with the recently announced Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. Knowing the Japanese publisher, though, it could still be ten years away.