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Guide: Here's How to Revisit North Yankton in Grand Theft Auto Online

Posted by Kell Andersen

Snow way

Those of you that have played Rockstar's most recent satirical crime opus Grand Theft Auto V may recall that the opening heist was set in the perpetually snowy town of North Yankton. And if you've ever wanted to revisit and then promptly terrorise the good people of this sleepy country village, your wishes have now been granted. CVG has discovered a nifty glitch that will allow you and your friends to carve up the ice and snow.

First, have one of your buddies create an invite-only session in Grand Theft Auto Online. Then replay the prologue mission until you reach the garage door that opens to a field full of police. At this point, take a sharp left past the bob cat van and pause the game. Next, get your friend to invite you into the online world, and, once you've spawned, grab a helicopter and fly to the bottom right of the map. You should see some janky looking clouds hanging in the air – direct your chopper towards them and you'll soon find yourself back in North Yankton.

You can find a more detailed description of the glitch in the video below. It's also worth noting that it'll only work if you've downloaded the game's most recent patch. Have you been causing a ruckus in the online version of Los Santos? Do you plan on giving this trick a quick test? Run and gun in the comments section below.


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wittypixel said:

First (for the first time ever lol)

But this seems cool but I wish they would officially open up this part of the game. Add some fun snowy content, it's winter that would make sense lol



charlesnarles said:

@drago10029 it would help with monotony/replay value if GTA had seasonal progressions in real time, like Animal Crossing. Seems like a missed opportunity, huh? Or, yeah, at least make more places to go. Why would they use a map for only the prologue?



wittypixel said:

@charlesnarles It would help, me and my friends only play when were bored now as opposed to us being excited to play.

All the glitches, replaying missions 20-30 times, bad respawn system has killed a lot of the fun. The online is already dried up. As far as north yankton, I think rockstar kinda thruy online together as a last minute after thought. There is no way a game could have been that broken. no way!

So much more I could say but won't lol

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