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Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013

Posted by Push Square Staff

Playing with power

It seems a bit strange to be selecting the best annual software for a system that's only been available for around a month, but consistency means that our Game of the Year countdown demands a PlayStation 4 category. This time last year the platform was little more than a pipedream, but the hot new hardware has bullied the headlines since its announcement on 20th February. It hasn't been entirely deserted in the content department either, with the following favourites augmenting the expensive arrival with a handful of must-play experiences.

Bronze Award: Killzone: Shadow Fall

Panned by some picky parts of the press, Guerrilla Games' gorgeous launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall proved to be the PS4 showpiece that we hoped that it would be. Despite the promise of an improved plotline, the Dutch developer still served up a cast of characters less interesting than the latest series of the X-Factor. However, it was the top-tier gunplay that kept this first-person shooter glued to our system's optical media slot. With an armoury of firearms more fierce than Hulk Hogan and an online component that steers the series back towards its very brutal best, this was always certain to receive a ginormous nod in our next generation countdown.

Silver Award: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

It can't be easy for the dozen or so teams that sit under Ubisoft's internal umbrella. While the folks over at Activision get a year or so to churn out a fairly straight-forward first-person shooter, the many outfits governed by the ambitious French publisher get given a similar timeframe to build an enormous open world. It's no surprise, then, that the war against the Templars had taken a turn towards the tedious by the start of 2013 – but the brilliant Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag steadied the series' wayward ship, and brought the brand back on track. Also available on the PS3, the next-gen version of Edward Kenway's sea-faring antics proved a real piratical pleasure, offering the perfect blend of on water action and tropical island infiltration.

Gold Award: Resogun

There's some debate over whether a downloadable shmup should be considered a system seller, but those familiar with the Super Stardust series are unlikely to participate in such a pointless discussion. Ever since its announcement at GamesCom back in September, we've been holding a candle for Housemarque's devilishly addictive spherical gun-'em-up. Offering an eye-searingly stunning visual experience, the old-school shooter sees you battling boisterous airborne baddies and saving fluorescent stickmen who've found themselves in something of an intergalactic pickle. Easy to pick up but a right female dog to master, this has remained our go-to next-gen title since mid-November.

Aside from the simplistic online co-op and lack of local multiplayer, it's hard to pick a fault in this explosive PS4 exclusive. Much like Super Stardust HD before it, Resogun offers an almost perfect fusion of challenging and rewarding action. While the core arcade mode does lean a little on the short side, this is a title that you'll struggle to put down while you battle your way to the top of the online leaderboards. Plus, did we mention that it looks amazing?Push Square

Sammy Barker's Thoughts:
Regular readers will recall me ranting and raving about Resogun prior to the title's release, and one of my favourite moments this year was receiving messages from people who are enjoying the game as much as me. In truth, the new console launch has meant that I haven't got to play the title as much as I'd like to, but I intend to rectify that injustice over the New Year break. I'll be seeing all of you somewhere on the leaderboards.

Not content with being a sublime score-chasing experience, however, the Finnish outfit's first foray onto Sony's fresh new format is also something of a technical masterpiece. Boasting a handful of environments built entirely out of voxels – or cool little cubes for those of you without any graphics programming pedigree – the title's various worlds literally fall to pieces as you work through hordes of antagonistic Keepers with bombs, plasma beams, and boosts. Boasting a compelling co-operative component, multiple ships, and online leaderboards that are more addictive than chocolate coated Brazil nuts, it's little wonder that this proved the most popular PS4 title in our internal poll.

What was your favourite PS4 game of 2013? Do you agree with our winners, or would you have selected something else? Cast your vote and share your thoughts in the comments section and poll below.

What was your favourite PS4 game of 2013? (39 votes)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag


Battlefield 4


Escape Plan








Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition


Killzone: Shadow Fall




LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


NBA 2K14


Need for Speed: Rivals




Sound Shapes


Trine 2: Complete Story




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[ Words: Sammy Barker; Video Editing and Script: Ben Potter ]

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Cowboysfan-22 said:

I agree with the list except I wouldn't give Killzone the bronze. I played it for about 2 hours and lost interest. Just another shooter



Gamer83 said:

Very slim pickings but I'll go with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Honestly it was the best launch game on either new console despite being an upscaled last-gen game. Killzone and Forza are nice showcase pieces from a graphical perspective, but AC had everything else and was an upgrade visually so have to give them that. Just a great game in general really. I'd even put it high up on the Wii U list, no. 2 just behind 3D World.

PS4 Top 5:
Game of the Year- Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Runner-up: Killzone: Shadow Fall
3. Injustice: Gods Among Us
4. Need For Speed: Rivals
5. Lego Marvel Superheroes

Hopefully next year I'll be able to put more actual next (now current) gen games on my list.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

2K14 is the only true next gen title (opinion) plays great looks great love it! I don't have a gripe with gamers voting AC tops though it is a brilliant game with great depth, and awesome improvements in the series.



Ginkgo said:

AC4 by a mile for me, though I am enjoying Killzone now that I have my head around the controls and using the owl effectively.

Luckily Resogun came in first, or I could imagine Sammy threatening everyone at PushSquare with violence!



rastamadeus said:

Has to be Sound Shapes as it's the only game on PS4 I've played and, frankly, it's in the top five games of the last few years for me on PS3 and Vita too.

@Cowboysfan-22 That's Killzone in a nutshell. Beautiful to look at, boring to play. I got Shadows Fall free with my PS4 so will give it a go but I'm not expecting much.

Out of interest, does anyone know if FIFA 14 is included in the 'upgrade to next gen' scheme? I got the game on day one but no code in it.



Gemuarto said:

I played only Killzone, Resogun, Knack, Contrast and War Thunder. So I think

1. Knack
2. Killzone, Shadow Fall
3. Contrast
4. Resogun
5. War Thunder



Gamer83 said:


So what's your overall opinion on Knack? I want to play it at some point just not sure about spending $60 on it.



Gemuarto said:

@Gamer83 I don't know, man. I enjoeyd it a lot. But there are some repetative parts with annoying sets of enemies. I played on hard and it rocks when you can die from one punch, but don't die because you have skills =))). Knack is one and only beat'em up platformer. It is really simple to control, but variety comes from learning your enemies and situations =). Sometimes it was like Mighty Fighters, sometimes like Battle Toads. And I felt really epic playing it. And Knack is really cute beast, if you ask me. He is like Crash, Ninja, King Kong and Optimus Prime in one =). Very charming game, and I liked it's strange storytelling. Not sure if it worth 60$. It's always better to wait, if you not sure =). But all in all I really enjoyed it, even better than Ratchet and Clanck: Nexus. But Knack made me all nostalgic about old playstation days. You know, Ys series, right? Knack plays almost like Ys, in my opion, but has more linear world and there are no RPG elements. And Knack has more tight and simple controls. And I never were annoyed playing Knack, because you always know why you where defeated. And I really looking forward to Knack 2, because the only thing most reviewrs are right about is that Knack has so much potential. It is so easy to imagine how good can be the sequel. Also Knack has some Pixar style, too. Robots looks like they've come from Incredibles.

Maybe 40$ is the right price for this game, not sure. But I liked it better than Puppeteer, anyway. Something like that.



Tasuki said:

@Gamer83: Honestly I am just waiting for Knack to be offered for free through the PSN, either that or in the bargin bin for $20.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I voted for injustice by accident oh well. None particularly stand out, I've enjoyed briefly AC IV, Killzone SF, DC universe online and Fifa 14. Couldn't pick a winner.



Gamer83 said:

Sounds like a game I might actually be able to enjoy. I like that youself and a lot others seem to be saying it has an 'old school' feel. I'm thinking I'll definitely check this out when it's cheaper. I remember doing the same thing with Kameo when the 360 released, the game got mixed reviews but I bought it when it got a price cut and enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks for the response.

Yeah, I've considered holding off for a PS Plus deal as well, I'm not sure it will be free but it could be part of a sale that drops it down to $20-25 for Plus members.

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