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Free PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Tinkles the Old Ivories

Posted by Sammy Barker

Striking a chord

There’s not much meat on this Deep Down trailer’s medieval bones, but it’s just long enough to warrant a post over the slow winter season. Set to shuffle into beta around the same time as the PlayStation 4’s Japanese launch, this brief clip of the free-to-play product shows an army of knights fighting against an obscured monster. The action’s set to some nice piano-driven rock music, which should get your feet tapping.

Taking a tip or two from Hideo Kojima’s oft-employed ‘Great Trailers’ handbook, the video closes with a shot of a teensy demon and a Christmas tree. But what does it all actually mean? Well, there appears to be some kind of present day element to the game, so that explains the over decorated indoor fir tree. As for the toothy foe, we’re guessing that he’ll be in need of a dentist once we’re finished with him.


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ShogunRok said:

Er, okay then.

(Please don't totally ruin the immersion of this game like Ubisoft did/do with Assassin's Creed's modern day drivel.)



wittypixel said:

Wish I could teleport 12 months from now to see what's going on with the ps4

I really hope the Battlefield 4/GTA 5 online type of issues are completely eradicated. Be patient devs.



mibtar said:

I'm really not too hyped about this game. It seems like the control is really not that good. From previous videos, it looks like RE6 melee. Wish it controls like dogma but I really doubt it.



sackninja said:

I'm looking forward to this. I really like free to play games and I have a feeling this could be good.



GraveLordXD said:

Don't think I like them ripping off the souls art design as much as they are I mean the knight looks exactly like the one from demon souls. I guess I'm being picky, I hope the game turns out good guess we'll wait and see



odd69 said:

its like the only thing as if now i want to buy for the ps4

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