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EA CEO Thinks the PS4 Will Face Some 'Fairly Stiff Competition'

Posted by Kell Andersen

EAsy does it

The PlayStation 4 has sold phenomenally well, this much we know – but recently appointed EA CEO Andrew Wilson isn't certain that the console's continued dominance is a sure thing. Speaking at the Credit Suisse 2013 Technology Conference, Wilson noted that the living room is flooded with competitors. "Our market is evolving at a very, very, very rapid rate," he said. "Sony has a real opportunity to build a strong following and a strong install base while it continues to be the single best way to get high fidelity, high definition interactive entertainment to your 80-inch television."

In particular, he spoke about the recent trend of consoles attempting to provide a complete living room experience, stating: "I think that three years from now, four years from now, [console makers are] going to be under some fairly stiff competition for the living room, from mobile providers, from Apple, from Google, from Roku, from Comcast, to try and own that living room experience."

But the doom saying CEO isn't too concerned, assuring us that EA will bring its content to whichever platform gamers swarm to. "For us, we are less focused on the device and more focused on the modality of play," he continued. "Because we think that that will continue irrespective of what piece of technology is used to deliver the [content]."

While some of Wilson's comments ring true, the fact that EA bought such a monster lineup to the PS4 launch means that we won't be considering career changes just yet. Do these quotes concern you, or are you too busy cleaning your 80-inch television? Create some competition in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

Meh, PS4 has already its future secured, there's nothing to worry about.



MarGera332 said:

There is one line in this article that shows me how out of touch EA are with their audience, which is: "to your 80-inch television."



Scollurio said:

@odd69 I agree

Furthermore EA's quality in their games is dropping year to year so what he says is perfectly sound. WHATEVER platform has the install base will be swarmed by their half-finished games. Yay. Way to go.



Grockumus said:

@MarGera332 What, you don't have four 3D capable 80-inch TVs in all 7 of your 10,000 sq. ft living rooms in your flying castle, peasant? :P




Dude EA is voted WORST COMPAY IN AMERICA!!! HA if anything this guy should be the one whose scared for future success!!!!!!! I used to defend EA but now after buying BF4, I realize why it is the worst company in America. I straight up hope EA falls.



charlesnarles said:

@FROSTYKILLA woah. EA makes The Sims. 3 was no successor to 2's goodness, but they don't deserve to die. They still need to make Sims 4 and redeem themselves (although I admit it looks like ass right now)



Unca_Lz said:

Are they going to turn their back on Sony like they did with Nintendo? ;)



drd7of14 said:

@charlesnarles Sims was fun for a while, but that's not why EA can't die. We needs Star Wars games. We need Battlefront. And let's be realistic here, EA ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Just make some good Star Wars games, get Bioware cracka lackin' on Mass Effect, and they'll be in good shape along with everything else they own/publish.



Visiblemode said:

Well, competition may indeed be high, but since EA is in bed with MS this gen and frankly shipping a lot of broken games...I don't see them as good candidates for being good predictors of the future.



Morenoj1220 said:

Come on ea nice way to throw a jab at sony since you guys have a partnership with Microsoft. Money talks but ur games do the bullshit walk since ea is voted not only worst company you guys are still alive because of the madden, FIFA and I enjoy battlefield but your games are always missing something that can make good games to greatness. Dedicate more time on your games and stop worrying about money.



BlueProxy said:

Ugh, again with the living room experience. They say it's the greatest thing to date, but if gamers prove otherwise in the real world, doesn't mean much. The PS4 can do voice commands, detect motion, has a camera, all can be improved with updates... but all secondary to good games. Plus every year more of those same type of features are built right into the TV (which Sony has some serious experience with).



Subie98 said:

Says the CEO taking console sides this generation. Itd have been one thing him saying this and not taking sides, but that isn't the case.



RisefromAshes said:

PS4 is going to run away with next gen.

No contest.

It already has around 700k-900k worldwide (U.S.A and Europe only) sales lead over Microsoft's Xbox One. I can't see PS4 being caught up. It's a runaway steam train.

Choo-choo! : P



Tintin said:

I really hate all this speculation that consoles are dead and mobile devices are taking over. I don't see it happening and if the next 5 years or so proves it is not going to happen I'll be happy. It's boring.

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