Zombie games are at their best when you’re either completely overpowered or your back’s against the wall. Dying Light, the upcoming undead-‘em-up from Polish developer Techland, aims to explore both disparate scenarios, encouraging you to carve your way through hordes of monsters when the sun’s shining – and sprint to safety at night.

This brand new ten minute gameplay demonstration running on the PlayStation 4 shows off both instances, as a thick accented free-runner sprints across various rooftops as he attempts to power up several generators. The foliage effects are particularly impressive, but the seamless day-to-night transition is noteworthy, too.

Interestingly, while the daylight enables you to toy with your adversaries by setting traps, the twilight gameplay transforms the release into a gory Mirror’s Edge, where you must simply sprint to your next objective or pay the price. It’s quite a clever mix of gameplay styles that should keep the full release feeling fresh. Are you yearning to brave the dark? Turn the lights out in the comments section below.

[via youtube.com]