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Dragon's Crown's Firey Fifth Patch Breaks Level Cap and Generates Random Dungeons

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Flaming heck

Fans of Vanillaware's chaotic action RPG Dragon's Crown will be ecstatic to learn of the game's fifth and final update, which seems to have been designed with the most hardcore of players in mind.

Aside from the typical "gameplay stability" fix, the patch attempts to lengthen the beautiful brawler's already beefy playtime. It all starts with the newly introduced Ultimate difficulty level, which is unlocked after clearing the ninth layer in the Labyrinth of Chaos - so it's safe to say that you'll already be tens of hours into the post-game by this point. The fresh difficulty brings with it a randomly generated dungeon known as The Tower of Mirages, which reportedly boasts "tens of thousands of levels". Best bring multiple satchels of your deadliest gear, then.

The intimidating-sounding difficulty also cleaves the old level cap of 99 in two, boosting the maximum to a staggering 255 - we can only imagine the God-like equipment that'll be available when you eventually grind your way to such heights. To top it all off, a number of smaller changes have been made to on-screen damage and character visibility, which should make it easier to pick out your chosen hero during even the most intense clashes.

Are you still slaying monsters by the hundreds and grabbing every speck of loot that you can carry? Or will you be diving back into Dragon's Crown's breathtaking world thanks to the developer's continued support? Sit by the camp fire and cook some Kraken tentacles with us in the comments section below.

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turtlelink said:

Haha that's awesome, especially since I was planning on getting this on Christmas! XD



banacheck said:

Yes this is great news I was about to go back to Dragons Crown today, so I'm very happy about this. With my PS4 & PS3 i've got some serious gaming to do over Xmas. By the way happy Xmas Push Square Staff if I don't visit you before.



Snorky said:

So many great games to look forward to on vita in 2014... FFX HD, Toukiden, Ys Celceta, Demon Gaze, Danganronpa, Neptunia PP.. And i still haven't got around to buying/playing Tearaway, Dragons Crown, Muramasa. It really is a great time to be a Vita owner. Great to hear that they're keeping Dragons Crown updated... I really can't wait to try it

I feel like January's Student Loan is already spent



GraveLordXD said:

@Snorky yeah I'm looking to play ffX on vita also Ys Celceta is already out well here in the states it is I've already finished it and its awesome

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