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Amazon UK Cracks the Code With Its Own Version of the PlayStation Store

Posted by Kell Andersen

It's a jungle out there

You may recall a few weeks ago when online retailer Amazon launched its own version of the PlayStation Store. Well it seems that Amazon UK has followed suit, with the European site now open for business.

You can buy digital game codes, season passes, DLC, and PlayStation Network top-up cards from the online shop. You're also able to purchase codes to renew your PlayStation Plus subscription

As we previously noted, the most exciting aspect of this announcement is the possibility that competition between the two stores could drive down prices — but so far we've had none such luck. While the US version saw a multitude of deals that differentiated it from its Sony counterpart, the UK website matches the PlayStation Store's prices exactly. This, in all honesty, makes the whole exercise seem just a tad redundant. Here's hoping that it'll soon pick up steam, and we'll start seeing some more noteworthy activity on the site.

Are you excited for this brave new world, or do you plan on steadfastly avoiding the Amazon storefront? Create some competition in the comments section below.


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grahammartin479 said:

This is exactly the type of thing needed to force ms and Sony to adopt a reasonable and fair digital pricing structure because if amazon can undercut them and still make a profit that's exactly what they will do.



licenced said:

As well as not being any cheaper, there's hardly anything there at the moment. Definitely needs to catch up with the US version - in the last few weeks there have been some pretty good deals available on - GTA V or Black Flag for the equivalent of £20 for example



RawShark said:

It could well turn into something better, but as it stands - pfft. Why would I buy something digitally through Amazon when I could do it via the PS Store and get it downloaded straight away. No 87 digit code required.



Dodoo said:

@RawShark - Exactly, this is pointless!

There has to be some benefit for consumers otherwise it just becomes extra hassle instead for something we can do almost instantly on our consoles...



TheLZdragon said:

I don't get it. Why would Sony compete with Amazon...on its own digital platform? This just doesn't really make sense

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