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10 Per Cent of All Twitch Streams Since November Have Been from PS4

Posted by Kell Andersen

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Do you like arbitrary and potentially useless statistics? No? Well too bad, as a recent PlayStation Blog post has revealed a veritable treasure trove of bizarre PlayStation 4 facts, mostly pertaining to the console's robust social offerings. Truth be told, we think that after such an absurdly successful launch, Sony probably deserves a quick moment to brag.

First up, the post confirms that nearly 800,000 broadcasts and more than 7.1 million spectate sessions have occurred via Twitch and Ustream. This adds up to a staggering total of over 20 million minutes of live gameplay streamed from the shiny black box. And if that wasn't enough big ugly numbers for you, here's a whole bunch more. Ustream reports that each session lasts for approximately 31 minutes. That's about how long it takes for us to get frustrated with Resogun, too. Furthermore, the PS4's share menu has reportedly been accessed 10.9 million times since its debut.

Finally, Twitch has confirmed that 10 per cent of all streams on its site since 15th November have been from PS4 consoles. That's right, in less than a month, the Japanese giant has secured a tenth of the service's broadcasts. We bet that Twitch has already sent a thank you present to the SCE headquarters. What do you make of these confounding figures? Have you been taking advantage of your new machine's enhanced social capabilities? Spend 20 million minutes in the comments section below.


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BambooBushido said:

Like Born of Evil said Sony didn't have to sell the camera by refusing to move it from the basic sku- unlike some other platform holder instead the ps4 camera is selling based on it own merits



Hokage17 said:

Sony is tapping into something very powerful with that share button. I remember when facebook 1st came out people thought it was lame or just a myspace clone. Fast forward today and billions of people are using it now even our grandparents. Sony choosing to make the PS4 more social is definitely the right direction and this is only the beginning. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple years from now through updates and user usage, that share button changes the entire look and feel of PlayStation.



goonow said:

I expected the headline to be "10 percent of all ps4 twitch streams are pornographic" ...

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