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Weirdness: So, What Happens When You Plug a PS4 into the Xbox One?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Well, the world doesn't end

It’s a mystery more puzzling than the meaning of life: what happens when you plug a PlayStation 4 directly into an Xbox One? Microsoft admitted earlier in the year that its next generation console’s HDMI input could be used to connect a competing console, and now the embargo has lifted on the Redmond-based firm’s format, our friends over at have put it to the test.

The results are functional, if unspectacular. While you may have expected the two devices to spit expletives at each other like raging console warriors, the reality is that they get along rather well. You can use the Xbox One’s snap feature while you browse the PS4’s colourful interface, employing Kinect voice commands so you never even need to put down the DualShock 4. reports that the connection does add latency to Sony’s system, meaning that Resogun’s never going to feel quite as tight if you decide to pull up NeoGAF in Internet Explorer while you play. Still, at least it gives fans of Microsoft’s machine an option to sample some software in 1080p, huh? Sorry, couldn’t resist.


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k_andersen said:

"Still, at least it gives fans of Microsoft’s machine an option to sample some software in 1080p, huh? Sorry, couldn’t resist." - This literally made me laugh out loud. Brilliant.



eliotgballade said:

zzzzz... could that droning voice be any more boring ? good job there's that (over-loud) music at the end to wake everyone up ( i mean , I'm at work for goodness sake ! )



rjejr said:

Since lag was mentioned - anybody know how much lag is generated thru your typical 5.1 surround system? Im thinking about getting 1 since Nintendos Wii U only outputs surround via HDMI, so I might as well plug all my HDMI devices into the surrond system and just have 1 cable to the tv.
oh, I only have a PS3, PS4 is years away for me, after Last Guardian comes out



Grockumus said:

If I had a set up like that, I'd paint one half of the wall blue and the other green



DVS said:

To be fair it's not going to end the world, but it'll probably set your house on fire with the amount of power you'd be using.



JuanitoShet said:

HAHAHA, that last line! Genuinely made me laugh.

But hey, I was more surprised that they were able to get a SEGA DreamCast to run through the Xbox One. Since its 14 years old and everything.

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