Cast your mind back to the three-dimensional days of 2011 and you may recall Killzone 3 comprising a sizeable portion of platform holder Sony’s stereoscopic push on the PlayStation 3. Guerrilla Games worked hard to implement the hardware intensive technology, and it ended up being a real showpiece for the feature. Unfortunately, with PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall, the Dutch developer’s ripped out the functionality faster than the Xbox One’s divisive digital rights management plan – but is there any chance that you’ll be pulling out your goofy goggles in the future?

“We currently don't have any plans for 3D support, but I'll pass your request along to the team,” a spokesperson on the franchise’s Twitter page revealed when quizzed on the topic. While the platform holder’s next generation system is perfectly capable of supporting stereoscopic 3D – well, aside from Blu-rays – the only PS4 title that currently adopts the technology is Frozenbyte’s puzzle platformer Trine 2. To be honest, we reckon that this functionality has been well and truly fragged at the time of typing – we just hope that you didn’t stump up for a swish television when the hype surrounding the feature was at its peak.