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Want to Know How Skilful You Are? PS4 Trophies Will Be Classified by Rarity

Posted by Sammy Barker


Sony’s popular Trophy system has always been good at distinguishing different types of players. While other achievement systems plump up for a big fat score, PlayStation’s solution is able to separate the completionists from the samplers. However, the format’s set to get even more specific with the upcoming PlayStation 4, as it will also track each trinket’s rarity.

On both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, you could effortlessly bolster your Platinum library by playing ‘easy’ games such as Hannah Montana: The Movie and Wonderbook: Book of Spells. You’ll still be able to do that on the manufacturer’s next generation console, of course, but now awards will carry a rarity statistic, too.

Trophies will be tracked based on four tiers: Common, Rare, Very Rare, and Ultra Rare. This will change depending on how many people have earned a particular trinket. Rarity may be determined by the difficulty of a particular challenge – or simply by virtue of the fact that not many people have played a specific game.

Other than that, however, the system remains unchanged. You’ll still need to earn all of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies in a set to unlock the Platinum. Brilliantly, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress through PS4, PS3, and Vita games on the futuristic format, which is a nice little added touch. Are you a fan of virtual pats on the back? Chime away in the comments section below.


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belmont said:

I don't really care about trophies although I have some platinum ones (All Atelier games, Hyperdimension Neptunia, mk2, FF13-2, Motorstorm RC and maybe some more) but this is a not so useful but fun addition. I will finally be able to see if j-rpg games are still popular I don't know about Hanna but I sort of like Wonderbook.



k_andersen said:

Oh dear. This is bad news. I can see myself getting sucked into this very easily...



fchinaski said:

I love me some trophies, but the best part is knowing that they took the trouble to keep the PS3 in and offer a streamlined experience through all three Sony consoles. It's very thoughtful really and it will be great to have all my trophies combined in one place. Other than PSNProfiles, I mean



Cloud7794 said:

@k_andersen @belmont JRPG's would really make me go crazy. Sure you can aim for that Gold Trophy (common) for beating the campaign... OR you could go for that Gold Trophy (Ultra Rare) for playing the game while adhering to the rules of the ODINS challenge. For those who don't remember that, it's One Day In No Saves Technically speaking, this system also changes the trophy count from 4 types to 16 o.o



Crimson_Ridley said:

@get2sammyb I'm signed up to both TA and TT. Fantastic websites! I'm glad Sony are doing this, as it just makes it easier for people to see how awesome my Trophies are!

Now this does mean I need to get the Platinum on Max Payne 3 (already fully completed the 360 version).



EyeDeeNO76 said:

You can check trophies ("trinket’s") rarity already at this website. ⇨ psnprofiles

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