Do not underestimate the power of the PlayStation 4. Sony may have decided to push Evolution Studios' next generation racer DriveClub out of the system’s launch window, but it looks like the decision was worthwhile, as the game seems to get better every time that we set our stunned optics on it. Just check out the video embedded below to see what we mean.

The clip was uploaded to the Runcorn-based studio’s official Facebook page earlier today, and shows 12 seconds of gameplay footage captured directly from a PS4. If the snowy setting doesn’t impress you, then keep an eye out for some of the lighting effects – at about nine seconds in, the brake lights of a passing vehicle illuminate the cockpit of the primary car, and reflect in its chrome door handle.

There’s still no date attached to the ambitious social racer, but we truly believe that with the added polish of the delay, this could lead the pack when it comes to next generation visuals. Are you itching to get behind the wheel now that you’ve seen the progress that Evolution Studios has made? Put your foot down in the comments section below.