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Video: Testing Out Tearaway's Crafty Paper-Based Campaign

Posted by Andy Robertson

Sticking with Sony's slick new adventure

You may have missed it amid the PlayStation 4 launch excitement but one of the biggest and most anticipated PlayStation Vita games hit the streets recently. Tearaway takes Media Molecule’s big console creative game smarts and applies them to Sony's handheld. The result is a title with a real console feel and plenty of open world action adventure fun – think LEGO meets LittleBigPlanet.

Not only that, though, it totally revolutionises Trophies by offering physical papercraft rewards for completing levels. These are then available to print, allowing you to create the characters and architecture from the game. If this all sounds confusing, Family Gamer TV have been trying it out with their test subjects. Check it out.

Family Tests Teraway


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Sanquine said:

Great game. Doing a review on it for Otakugamers. I can tell every vita owner to purchase it! Platforming is great , visuals are great and you the player is some sort of godly like creature for the inhabitants of the world. You can interact on so many ways.. It's superb in every way. Furthermore, Girlfriend isn't that into gaming but sometimes she wants to play a game . She loves JRPG and Platformers. But i never heard here giggle so many times. She loves tear away. She is further in the story than me:D



Slapshot said:

Got this one headed my way, courtesy of my PlayStation Credit Card. Yeah, buy the things that I would already purchase with cash, pay it off at the end of the month to wave interest fees, then net free PS games. Yeah, I'm not complaining. Haha



ZeD said:

@Sanquine I will be getting it on Saturday with me GAME credit from PS4. Let us know when it is up :)



Sanquine said:

@ZeD I almost shed a tear at the ending. It's that good. You will die a lot but the game is forgiving ( Platforming) and the Vita's front, rear, gyroscoop and camera are being used in a good way. This game is golden



rastamadeus said:

Really lovely game but over far, far too quickly with a camera that can be infuriating as hell at times. Thankfully that's easily forgotten due to how charming the game is.

@Sanquine You died a lot? Where? Only time I died was during the Wendigo chase as I tried to grab everything while they were after me.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus Haha, i died a lot with platforming... Guess i was bad:P Died about 20 times:P

The camera is annoying sometimes. I hate it that you can't freely use the camera. Furthermore, it's a really short game. The ending was sad... It was to short and i hoped for more.. but that happens when a game is good.



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine Platform experience from years of Mario games, haha.

Wish all this nonsense about redefining Trophies would stop though. You don't get origami model instructions for getting Trophies, you get them in game from photographing colourless animals and objects. A little thing, maybe, but saying you get it for Trophies (as all sites seem to be for some reason) is just plain wrong.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus Oohw another follower! I also follow the rule: I hate trophyhunting ! For me it some things to get a trophy are just stupid.. I just want a trophy for completing a game,.

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