It's no secret that the PlayStation Vita is struggling. A lack of exciting exclusives coupled with a seeming absence of consumer interest means that the sleek handheld is failing to shift units. However, Media Molecule's delightful adventure game Tearaway may be set to change all that.

If the game's gorgeous visuals and innovative controls weren't enough to get you excited, a recent video posted on the PlayStation Blog sees Media Molecule's moustachioed employees expound on the upcoming title's handcrafted style, as well as its robust community features.

It seems that the Guildford-based developer wants you to get creative, hoping to inspire you to construct real-life papercraft versions of the game's characters and environments. A community site named has been created to help with this endeavour. It'll go live shortly before the game's launch, and will allow you to store and share in-game photos and paper craft plans. Do these community features look like a cut above the rest, or do they appear paper thin? Craft us a response in the comments section below.