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Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - PS4 Special Part 2

Posted by Katy Ellis

Greatness revived

The time has come. The next-generation of PlayStation gaming has arrived, and its already busy consuming our weekends. In the last edition of 'What Are You Playing This Weekend', a few of our North American team members shared their exciting first steps into the world of the PlayStation 4, while the rest of the world moaned in the comments section something about "29th November", "December", or even "sometime in February" for those unfortunate souls in Japan. In this rather large special edition, both our North American and European staff members have joined hands in peaceful matrimony to happily brag about their latest gaming purchases. But don't let those lot steal all of the limelight – feel free to chip in with your own gaming schedule for this weekend's PS4 welcoming party.

Sammy Barker, Editor

My name is Sammy Barker and I have a problem. I first learned about Resogun during Sony’s stellar GamesCom press conference earlier in the year, and I haven’t been able to think of anything else since. Now that I’ve finally been able to feast on the intergalactic shoot-a-thon, I’m finding it difficult to stop. Please help me.

Greg Giddens, Reviews Editor

I have no food for the rest of the month and I can't afford to put my heating on as the temperature continues to drop – but I've got my PS4. Unfortunately I've only got Killzone: Shadow Fall for it. Oh, but wait, my PlayStation Plus membership gets me Resogun and Contrast, and Warframe, War Thunder, and DC Universe Online are all free-to-play. Excellent! That'll be my weekend then: Killzone and a whole host of free games. Terrific – everything's going to fine. I'm so hungry.

Ben Potter, Video Editor

PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! [Note: There were 82 more 'PS4!'s but we had to edit them out. Sorry Ben.] As the PS4 has finally made it to European shores, and all other aspects of my life are forgotten and pushed aside, I plan on smashing some bricks in Lego Marvel, shooting da man in Battlefield 4, and shooting da spaceman in Killzone: Shadow Fall – all in Super HD (patent pending)! Not to mention all of those sweet, sweet PlayStation Plus freebies, I plan on gorging myself on over the next week or so. If you don't hear from me for more than four days, please notify the authorities

Jamie O'Neill, Retro Editor

My PS4 is a generous and greatly appreciated Christmas gift from all of my family, so although I'm looking forward to Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun most of all, I'm saving my most anticipated games until the festive season. I’ll be chanting sea shanties while sailing to Caribbean Islands in the beach-sand-box world of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, as well as chasing-and-racing my way through the fresh gen version of Chase HQ, also known as Need for Speed: Rivals. I need to check that my swanky new PS4 is in tickety-boo working order, after all.

Ben Tarrant, Reviewer

Finally the wait is over, and I can fill that oblong box-shaped void in my life that I never knew that I had. Unfortunately, I'm broke, so my original plan of picking up all of the heavy hitting launch titles (Knack especially) has bitterly boiled down to just Killzone: Shadow Fall. For the time being, anyway. Not that I'm complaining, though, 60 frames-per-second multiplayer and the OWL drone companion? Count me in. Oh yeah, and I'm a PlayStation Plus subscriber, so Resogun.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

After sampling a little bit of everything I bought, I find myself coming back to Need for Speed: Rivals over and over. Once next week rolls around, though, I can't wait to dive into flOw and experience that gem again.

Simon Fitzgerald, Reviewer

With the mega bundle on the way, this weekend is going to be a blast. I will be playing the likes of FIFA 14, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, and writing my first review for the website on Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Mat Growcott, Reviewer

If I can convince my girlfriend to let me have a go on our shiny new PS4, I'm pretty excited to get back into DC Universe Online. The delay on Blacklight: Retribution is pretty disappointing, so Killzone will sort my shooter fix for the time being. If nothing else, I might pester friends on Facebook with Trophy notifications, like they keep pestering me with their baby pictures. Losers!

Ricky Staines, Reviewer

Don’t judge me, nice folks of the Internet, but tonight I’m planning to get ever-so intimate with my PS4. If all goes to plan, and the courier doesn't nab my console, I'm going to spend this weekend disembowelling Helghast chumps in Killzone: Shadow Fall, not to mention getting down and dirty with Resogun, which is completely free for PlayStation Plus members. Beyond that, you'll find me stroking my new box-o-tricks like some kind of beautiful, mechanical cat. Obviously.

Katie Rose, Reviewer

This weekend, I'll be decking the halls with bells of holly fa la la la la ad nauseum. When I'm not decorating the house, Resogun will be living on my TV screen. If only I could make a mod to play as Santa on his sleigh and pick up presents instead of humans.

Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

Besides stuffing my face with copious amounts of Thanksgiving food, I plan on delving into Sound Shapes this weekend (which I'll be writing a review for in the near future). I'll also try to get in a little bit of Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Cale Stolle, Reviewer

I've had my PS4 for two weeks officially, and I'm still enamoured (although Tearaway has been a huge distraction). This weekend, I will be trying to re-beat Knack and explore some of the alternate endings in Super Motherload. Unfortunately, there are just too many games to narrow down which I will play first.

Are you still basking in the glory of your new console? Already platinumed Knack? Or perhaps, like this sad, deprived editor, you're still saving your pennies in a jam-jar in order to catch up with the rest of the world? Whatever you're doing this weekend, let us know in the comments section below – unless it's something illegal or weird, as you can keep those plans to yourself.

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DirectAim said:

BF4, Killzone and all the freebies/free to play games available!

I played some of Assassins Creed 4 at a mates last night and I'm gutted I didn't buy it, its certainly on par with BF4 if not better, what a lush looking release title!!!



kolah said:

Knack for the daytime then some killzone in the evenings. Wanted to try Resogun however downloads aren't happening for me. Not even the iPlayer app will download at a few MB's. Glad I went with disc based versions for launch.



Ginkgo said:

Personally I am loving AC4, War Thunder and Warframe.

Have also tinkered with contrast and enjoyed it so far. Resogun is as expected.



rjejr said:

@B4SDR4G - "My store had only fourteen PS4s to sell. Freaking nonsense. When I preordered, they had 50 preorders already."

I had a long, lets just say discussion, on this website about Sony taking 1 million pre-orders that wouldn't be fullfilled, and the guy was all "if they take a pre-order they have to fill it, that's what pre-orders are" and I was all "get a clue". Knew I'ld be right, sorry for your loss.

I would be playing LBP Karting but I tried again this morning and Sony still wont' let me redeem my code. #&$%*#( stupid frekain' Sony

thanks for posting about this earlier PushSquare - guys and gals, I'm going to rant there now, I always start at the top of the page in the morning and work my way down.



Dodoo said:

I'm half way through Tomb Raider and must say it's absolutely superb! What a game. Highly recommended, especially to those that like Uncharted etc.

Other than that got Tearaway and Zelda on 3DS to start...



ztpayne7 said:

@Dodoo those are three great games! I played about twenty minutes of Zelda 3ds and it's one of the few games that make me regret not owning one.

As for me, I'm off today so I'll probably be playing warframe and acIV.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

KZSF, DCU Online are what I'm sticking to. Going to try War Thunder tomorrow. Saving AC IV for next weekend. Also going to have a midweek FIFA marathon. Also popping in and out of the last of us over the next few days too.



Visiblemode said:

Killzone Shadow fall(if I want to shoot at night), GTA V Online(if I want to crash fighter jets with my brother-in-law), Knack(if the kids want in on some gaming during the day), and Tearaway (if I get a few relaxing mins).



Kohaku said:

I play Ni no Kuni on the PS3. I like RPG's, pinball and racers like GT. So nothing for me the first weeks and months. Maybe I will get Knack for X-Mas but not sure.



Tasuki said:

Going to be playing A Link Between Worlds if I can get my copy away from my kid lol. Also think I will tackle some more Contrast on the PS4 and if I have the time some World of Warcraft.



Gamer83 said:

AC IV and Need For Speed Rivals on PS4 and A Link Between Worlds on 3DS.



odd69 said:

No ps4 in my life yet, but i have no plans, just whatever i feel like playing this weekend, i feel adventurous.




Bit of Resogun and Killzone SF multiplayer until Need For Speed arrived this morning. Been hammering away at that for most of the day.
Contrast is downloaded, yet to try it though.

Bitterly disappointed in War Thunder. Gaijin have been using that same engine for a quite a while, it's the same one that's used for the IL-2 Sturmovik games. The PS3's version of Birds of Prey was great fun, and controlled really nicely with pad of stick. The cursor movement 'thing' they've done in War Thunder is truly awful.

But, Need For Speed is fantastic as expected, as are Killzone and Resogun.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

When i finally get my ps4 next weekend, I'm getting NFS: Rivals & KZ: SF. But will also be playing DCUO & Warframe



Scorpio73 said:

I'm enjoying the HELL out of AC IV: Black Flag right now, but I'm also playing alot of Madden 25, NBA 2K 14, and Killzone. I still have COD: Ghosts and BF4 to dive into, but there's not enough hours in the day.



Lionhart said:

I'm playing Persona 3 Portable on my PS Vita before I purchase Persona 4 Golden. It's a marvelous title.



PMasterTy9 said:

I've been playing Ghosts and Knack mostly this weekend. Just got my Vita so I might be testing that out very soon.



banacheck said:

Been playing Killzone Shadow Fall & Resogun, haven't even touched AC4 or BF4 yet.



Farmboy74 said:

Resogun so far with Killzone & AC4 still in wrapping!! Hoping to rectify that later on today.



Lionhart said:

@Sanquine, thanks my friend! I can't believe that I'm just now finding out about the awesomeness of the Persona franchise. I wish the makers of Harry Potter would create a Persona movie trilogy instead of the Warner Bros proposed Death Note trilogy.



FullbringIchigo said:

well I'm sticking with my trusty PS3 for now don't really need a PS4 when all the games I want are on PS3, but I'm playing One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 at the moment and ACIV Black Flag (PS3)



charlesnarles said:

I've been playing lots of BF4 this weekend cause there's a double exp promo going on. Persona 4 is still fun too (as is Pokémon Y) but KZ and AC have kept my PS4 and tv busy the rest of the time. Can't wait till some more games come out next year



Ps4all said:

Need for speed for me! Plus my nieces and nephews are over so just dance 2014 ps4 will get a workout. Tearaway on vita. Love this time of year!!!



Gamer83 said:

Saw Rayman Legends going for just $17.99 on the NA PS Store. I was going to wait until the PS4 version but at that price, and with the missing content now added, too good to pass up. Really an awesome game on Vita, too bad these games just don't seem to sell that well on any platform.



rjejr said:

@B4SDR4G - I don't know in your case if its Sony's fault or your stores fault, but either way my point would stand - my point being that there are always stories of people who pre-order new systems who don't get them. Always. The person I was having the discussion with said that could never happen because once someone places a pre-order a pre-order means an order and everyone who gets a pre-order WOULD get their system. I was right. They were wrong. End of story. Don't really care if it's Sony's or your stores fault.

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