The wait has almost come to an end. At the time of writing, we are mere hours away from the PlayStation 4’s launch in North America. It’s been a long journey since the next generation system’s exciting 20th February unveiling, but now you're moments away from getting your hands on the hotly anticipated hardware.

We recently polled you on your plans for the device’s launch, but now we want to share your launch experience as it unfolds. In addition to a slew of helpful links and information below, we implore you to post your twilight activities below. Have you already assumed your position outside your local store? Are you staying home tonight and picking up your system in the morning? Let us know.

In addition to stories about your midnight launch or early morning pick up, we also want photos of your day one hauls. How many games are you snagging with your console? Have you bought an extra DualShock 4? What about the new PlayStation Camera – is that on your new system wishlist? Again, dive into the comments and keep us informed.

If you’re heading to a midnight launch, know that we’ll have full live coverage of Spike TV’s PS4 All Access event right here on Push Square. We’ll also be active on Facebook and Twitter, so if you want to keep in touch through either of the social networks, feel free to click the respective links and tap the all-important ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ buttons.

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