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Talking Point: Share Your Greatest PS4 Moments So Far

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Arguably the PlayStation 4’s neatest new feature is the ability to capture screenshots and video clips of whatever you’re playing at any time. While the lack of YouTube support makes it slightly more difficult to share gameplay footage at the moment, it’s significantly easier to post screenshots demonstrating your greatest in-game feats.

And with the next generation system now a week old in North America, we want to see what you’ve been up to. Have you managed to capture any game-breaking bugs? How about some gorgeous vistas? Push the DualShock 4’s share button, and upload a picture to Twitter or Facebook. Then get the URL of that image and post it in the comments section below.

All you need to do to embed the screens is type [img][/img], and put the link to your picture in between the two tags. If you’re having difficulty finding the URL of your image, you can save it to your computer and re-upload to a third-party site such as Imgur, which should provide you with all of the details that you need. We’ve included a couple of sample shots below.

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get2sammyb said:

I should add, I'm happy to toubleshoot if you struggle with the embed. Just shoot me a reply and I'll help as best I can.



gbanas92 said:

I was blown away by how much more gorgeous the new take on Flower looked. Even though it's the same game, the small improvements that they made went a long way!




Reverend_Skeeve said:

@gbanas92 Very nice! Never played Flower on PS3, but I'll definitely buy it on PS4 someday...and please also port over Journey, thatgamecompany!

@irken004 Looks beautiful! Love the visual style of this game...surely one title I'll get should I ever buy a Vita.



DoublezZ01 said:

Sorry its not a pick, But 1 of my greatest moments is seeing the light pulsate when i turn the system on!!! It looks so cool standing up! Cant wait to get the stand in a couple weeks!



charlesnarles said:

What if you're not registered on any social networking/media sites? What a pain in the ass. Too much so for me to ever use the share button again. GG



NathanUC said:

@charlesnarles From what I was reading, it's possible to share it straight to your PSN profile somehow. I haven't looked into it very much, but I don't see where that's possible. I notice that if you share on FB, it also shares on your PSN profile so maybe that is what they mean.

I'm fairly sure they'll add more options later on. At the very least, they'll probably add their PlayMemories service to upload screenshot/video clips.



charlesnarles said:

@nathanuc1988 it'd be nice, but at least making a Twitter account doesn't require a real name, so say hi to Cherokee Jack #6325. So you just link your t/fb URLs to UPLAY and Twitch? I fail to see the point, still



NathanUC said:

@charlesnarles I'm fairly certain neither Twitch or Uplay require you to use your real name or any other social network. You'd only need those if you wanted to push a link to your stream. You'd still be able to share the link anywhere you want with a PC, but PS4 only has the ability to stream to Ustream and Twitch followed by the ability to SHARE that link with either Twitter or FB.

tl;dr: Twitter or FB aren't required to stream, they are just 'required' if you want to push a link straight from PS4. I'm fairly certain of this.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@nathanuc1988 And can you recommend Ustream or Twitch? Are there differences? I'm thinking about creating an account on one of those before my PS4 arrives to be able to stream and such...



NathanUC said:

@Reverend_Skeeve It's difficult to say. From what I've watched so far, Ustreams seem to look better straight from PS4, but the Ustream website is pretty messy/ugly. Twitch has a cleaner interface for PC for viewers and it's more popular for gaming, but it does seems to look worse straight from a PS4. I use Twitch mainly because of the better website design and popularity.



NathanUC said:

@Reverend_Skeeve Very! It has a lot of room for improvement but it's met my expectations. My only real gripe (that's a bit nitpicky) is the lack of Remote Play options. There's no way to wake up the PS4 to turn on remote play remotely, there's no way to turn off the video/audio on the PS4 when using remote play, and there's no way to remap buttons on the Vita for remote play.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@nathanuc1988 Cool...but would've been surprised if you didn't enjoy it. And concerning your gripes...most of those sound like they could easily be fixed with a future firmware update...I'm sure a year from now we'll be looking at a whole different beast.

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