There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 comes with a number of improvements over its current generation counterpart. The system’s user interface, for starters, is much slicker than its predecessor’s – despite the implementation of multiple new features such as game profiles and live streaming. Furthermore, the hardware itself boasts some beefy under-the-hood enhancements that enable titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall to run in native 1080p. But arguably the most important upgrade of them all revolves around the console’s controller, which is a massive step forward from the DualShock 3.

We actually really like the PlayStation 3’s input peripheral, but it’s hard to go back once you’ve tasted the DualShock 4. Having gone hands on with the device earlier in the year, we pointed out that the new controller melts into your fingers like ice cream into warm waffles, and it’s something that you’ll hopefully have now had a chance to sample for yourself. But whether you’ve tested the peripheral at a grungy demo station or have spent the past week handling the hardware in your own home, we want to know whether it’s living up to your expectations.

There’s a chance that the pre-release hype may have boosted your hopes to an unreachable tier. The consensus coming out of E3 earlier in the year was that the controller trumped the Xbox One’s revamped alternative – a strong statement considering that most pundits leaned towards the Xbox 360’s controller during the previous generation. Improvements include the longer handles, tighter sticks, and concave triggers. The device has also been widened in order to prevent your thumbs from clashing.

Arguably the most important PS4 upgrade revolves around the console's controller, which is a massive step forward from the DualShock 3

But the improvements aren’t just strictly shape-based. The peripheral also comes with a handful of gadgets, including the touchpad, light bar, and overhauled rumble and gyroscopes. While we intend to delve into these details a little more deeply in the future, we’d love to know briefly what you think of the new features having got your hands on the device. Do you think that the touchpad will get much use? Is the light bar already beginning to irritate you? What about the enhanced rumble and gyroscopes – have they improved any of the games that you’ve played?

Meanwhile, have you gotten used to the removal of the Start and Select buttons yet? Has the decreased deadzone improved your performance in Call of Duty: Ghosts? Are you a fan of the new triggers? Do you wish that Sony would have moved the position of the left analogue stick? Feel free to partake in our brief survey, and then tap out your full appraisal in the comments section below.

Do you like the DualShock 4 more than the DualShock 3? (54 votes)

Yes, this is a much more comfortable controller to use


To be honest, I really like them both


No, I’m finding it difficult to adapt to the newer device


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What’s your favourite new feature on the PS4 controller? (53 votes)

I’m so happy that the gyroscopes actually work now


I think that the light bar adds a neat futuristic effect


The touchpad is a clever and forward-thinking addition


I quite like the way the speaker is used for extra audio


I’m impressed by how much the rumble has improved


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Is there anything that you’re still not keen on? (54 votes)

I wish that the analogue sticks were asymmetrical


To be honest, the battery life is pretty poor


I wish Sony would bring back pressure sensitive buttons


I still have gripes, but they’re not listed in this poll


No, there’s nothing that really jumps out right now


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