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Talking Point: How Have the First Reviews Affected Your Anticipation for PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Changed perspective

If the impending next generation felt like a far away dream when you lurched out of bed this morning, then today’s initial roster of hardware and software reviews should have shaken you out of your slumber. Indeed, at the time of writing, Sony’s next generation console is mere hours away – but how have the first batch of verdicts affected your anticipation for this week’s North American launch?

It’s not exactly been a glowing start for the super system – but neither has it been a disaster

It’s not exactly been a glowing start for Mark Cerny’s super system – but neither has it been the disaster that some cynics may want you to believe either. Knack was never expected to set the world alight – the abovementioned director describing it as a “small game” in pre-release interviews – but it perhaps fared a little worse than predicted, drawing criticism from some outlets for its repetitive gameplay and needlessly prolonged campaign.

Meanwhile, fellow first-party exclusives Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun performed much better, with the latter drawing critical acclaim for its pretty presentation and addictive action. The reception to Guerrilla Games’ first-person shooter may have been a teensy bit more tepid, but it still attracted plenty of praise for its pretty visuals and clever combat sandboxes. Sadly, it sounds like the Dutch developer still hasn’t quite mastered the art of engaging storytelling.

As for the hardware itself, the consensus appears to be that it’s a powerful, well-designed box with plenty of potential to grow. Polygon summarises that it’s a slick system built for gaming, without the software to yet back it up – but this is arguably true of any new console launch, as it’s virtually impossible for a fresh piece of hardware to compete with devices that have had years to build up compelling catalogues.

The great news from Digital Foundry is that the tech is top-notch. The site states that the console is as compelling under the hood as the platform holder promised back at its PlayStation Meeting in February, and that it’s surprisingly quiet given the meaty components that it’s packing. Additionally, features such as voice recognition work unexpectedly well, while the user interface is organised if still in need of a little iteration.

The common consensus appears to settle upon the idea that you’re very much paying for potential

Even better, it sounds like the PS4 is built with this evolutionary aspect in mind. While the Japanese giant’s alarming lack of foresight left the PlayStation 3 difficult to overhaul, background downloads and a much less rigid architecture mean that its latest console will change a lot over the coming years. We’re already seeing the fruits of that, with the platform holder claiming that it’s already working on a patch to add in missing CD and MP3 support down the line.

Nevertheless, the common opinion appears to settle upon the idea that, as with so many other consoles before it, you’re paying for potential. There are undoubtedly a handful of good games to play on day one, but they may not be enough to move the hardware alone. Those of you that have been around for previous launches will be familiar with this idea, but it’ll be interesting to see just how much it’s soured your opinion hours ahead of this week’s North American release.

Has your hype for the Sony’s next generation system increased or decreased since the expiration of this afternoon’s PS4 embargo? Has your launch haul changed based on some of the media’s verdicts? Umm and err in the comments section and poll below.

How have the first reviews affected your anticipation for PS4? (68 votes)

Nothing has changed, I’m still giddy for the next generation machine


I still haven’t really had a chance to read any of the reviews fully


My finger’s hovering over the console cancellation button right now


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Scollurio said:

Pff things are pretty much as I expected I don't give much poop about especially the ign reviews - let's wait and see for push square reviews as you guys mostly align with my opinions - and even better let's wait until I can make myself a picture!

Can't wait for ps4 bring it on!



Matt_Berial said:

I don't read reviews as weird as that may seem to some. I look at videos of the games that I have interest in, i look at how the mechanics work in the game and some bits of the story, if it seems like some thing i will enjoy i will most likely pick it up, so far in my purchases like 99% I have not been disappointed. The last percent was basically CoD.

TL:DR: No, it hasn't affected anything.



longshot28 said:

No opinion matters more than your own, everyone will look at things differently never let anyone sway your decisions try everything for yourself.



InsertNameHere said:

I expectedas much from Knack (though remained optimistic) and Shadow Fall performed just as well as I predicted with only Polygon ruining things - after reconfirming that Polygon were the ones who gave The Last of Us a bad score, I'm fully convinced that they're incompetent.

All in all, I'm still very excited for the next-gen and everything the PS4 has to offer.



Sanquine said:


Polygon is a troll site initially funded by Microsoft. The guy has given the last of us a 7.5 because you know it;s a sony game. If you read his reviews you can conclude 2 things: the guy has some agenda or like 8viper stated in the forum section this guy is in the wrong industry..

A review is an opinion i know that. But to dislike a game because it isn't something new ( Call of duty, battlefield , Mario ( same shit every year expect the superb galaxy games and the upcoming mario 3d world) or not your cup of tea is just beyond my imagination. This guy hates the controls , the story because it got some plotholes, he hated the multiplayer because he sucked bigtime ( Blame it on that he got stuck or something / invicible walls well even call of duty has that..) . The last of us review is the same thing. He is pin pointing the negatives and multiplies it with 50!



Sanquine said:

Wait there is more :


My reaction on this guy!

If you worked for two years on something arguably artistic, would you not be upset if some guy came along and dismissed your project as a 50 (a fail in my book)?



Bliquid said:

I'm optimistic just as before.
If you follow different websites, read previews and hand-ons, watch videos and so on, you know what to expect, more or less.
I thought the initial line up was honest but lacking of titles i cared, so i'll start worrying when Infamous gets bashed.
Which seems unlikely to me.
Besides, let's cut developers some slack, they have yet to see what they can really do.
Although this shouldn't be true for Knack. I mean, Cerny BUILT the console.
I guess sometimes sloppy concepts lead to sloppy games.



Gemuarto said:

I can't understand logic behind Knack scores. Watched it on Twitch and it looked pretty solid. Better than all games with scores like that.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

No, nothing has changed for me. I read reviews to check on other opinions and perspectives, but they hardly influence my own, especially since I tend do often disagree with some points stated in reviews. What one reviewer criticizes about a game might not bother me at all and so I might still enjoy the game a lot.

Although there are sites like Pushsquare that manage to explain why they give a game a bad or less than perfect score, so a game recommended by you guys might be one I'd check out even if it wasn't on my radar before...Sammy helped a lot with my anticipation for Resogun...



Carl-G said:

I never go by an internet gaming review score. I just don't trust gaming sites at all. If i like something i see i will buy it



Scollurio said:

@Reverend_Skeeve Lol right? Sammy is like the messiah preaching Resogun, so now I'll pick it up too. I guess he OWES it to us to play it coop with us online just once at least!



Gemuarto said:

Yeah, PSV proved that gaming sites can't be trusted. They only give normal scores to indie games, even if big games are much better or somewhere at the same level.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Scollurio Yeah, absolutely! I was mildly interested in the game even before Sammys propaganda, but by now I can't wait to get personal hands on-time with the game. And indeed he'd owe some coop by now, making us all believers. That said, I'm looking forward to some nice online mp with a lot of games with some folks from Pushsquare...should ensure that I won't have to play with jerks, like it was so often the case on my 360.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@get2sammyb I'm absolutely sure of me some oldschool arcade shooting...and the voxel effects look absolutely stunning. I'm sure I'd even buy this game if it wasn't free with PS+...and I'll be keeping an eye out for the announced dlc, just to support the devs.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@get2sammyb OMG this game has you under its spell your chanting it everytime PS4 is mentioned!

Point: Nothing has changed, PS4 still planned to purchase in the nearby further when not if is the question.



banacheck said:

I haven't really read any reviews i've read previews and seen gameplay footage and i have my own opinion of the games, i cannot wait untill the 29/11 its annoying to have too wait an extra two weeks.



zeldagaymer93 said:

I'm still going to buy a PS4. However, I've been on the fence if I should pick one up before the Holidays or after the Holidays and those scores have made me wait until after the Holidays. I assume the games will be cheaper and there will be more content available.



Pink_Floyd said:

The only thing I'm hopping for is that Knack will be better then what others are saying about it. Other then that I'm looking forward to Friday.



Gamer83 said:

Nothing's changed for me. I'm just interested to see how Killzone actually is. I thought Mercenary was scored lower than it should've been by critics and I think the same is happening with Shadow Fall. People are killing it for the campaign but BF has a garbage, 4-hour campaign and seems to get a pass for it. No consistency.



Gamer83 said:


Reading his review he seems he came off like somebody determined to hate it going in. Like I said, I won't form any real opinion on the game yet, the guy could be right for all I know. But a 5/10 for Killzone seems ridiculous. Then again, I do think there is something to reviewers being easier on Xbox games. I don't think there's a conspiracy or MS paying people off or any of that nonsense. I just think there's a lot of MS fanboys plaguing the industry, particularly in gaming journalism and it shows. Every time a hyped Xbox game comes out it gets mid-8's to 10's unless it's absolutely putrid. There have been times though I've read reviews that read like a 7 and the game gets slapped with a 9-9.5. Sony and Nintendo exclusives actually have to earn high marks. Most Western game journalists are partial to Xbox and for whatever reason can't put it aside. That's a huge part of the problem. IGN will go 9 for Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, no question. To be fair, DR 3 looks like it will be worthy of that... Ryse, absolutely not.



CanisWolfred said:

Dead Rising 3 is the most depressing thing I've seen happen to a franchise in a long time...and I don't even care for Zombie or open-world games.

Anyways, no, they haven't changed my perspective. Because overall, they've been exactly what I expected. A few rushed ports, a failed new IP, and a sequel or two that manages to do well enough, but won't blow your pants off. We really only needed Killzone to carry the launch until Second Son and other great games start coming out. Lucky for Sony, Xbone's Killer App won't come out until mid-March, so they'll be in the same boat.



MorriganIsHot said:

Hopefully I'm luckily to get one on friday. I've seen some morons on gamefaqs cancelling their pre-order and going for an xbox one because of some games getting low scores.



Ginkgo said:

Honestly, the reviews have not surprised me at all, they are close to what I expected. Most of the games I want are still coming.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 Dead rising 3 runs at 720 and has lag issues. If killzone or any other ps4 console game had fps drops below 20 ( Digital foundry saw framedrops as worse as 16 fps or low 20's) it would get slaughtered. But you are right the industry just loves the xbox...



Ginkgo said:

@Sanquine There is no question that the US industry has a love for XBox. MS is a US company and traditionally caters well to the US market. Despite good pre-sales and indications Sony is the underdog in the US and it is the key battleground, not just for sales, but for developers/journalist's hearts.

The US's influence on the gaming industry at the moment is enormous. It will be a huge and long fight, continuing long after the launch period. Do not expect all reviews to be unbiased or tactics to be fair and I am not suggesting is Sony except from such behavior, though I personally trust them somewhat more.

The good thing is that competition is great for the consumer and it pushes both parties to innovate and do better. We will be the winners from the fight.




Eurogamer and PushSquare are the only sites I pay much attention to these days, IGN is slowly getting better, but it's too much of an everything site now.

EG, for the tech, and cold light of day reportage and PS for the still excitable gamer reviewers and (almost) troll free climate.




And No, nothings changed for me really, but I'd like to see Need for Speed and Injustice reviews.



Gamer83 said:


It's true DR 3 has its issues. I think we have to give it a little bit of a pass though. It's a massive open-world game with lots going on and running on brand new hardware that devs are still getting to grips with. As long as the frame drops to unplayable levels (and I'd agree, 16 frames is unplayable) aren't too frequent and don't last too long, DR 3 looks like it should be a highly enjoyable game.




@Gamer83 the digital foundry line that sticks out is ' an unfinished xbox 360 game.'.
No blaming the hardware for that considering what else is out there.



MadchesterManc said:

Not affected me whatsoever. I was impressed with my hands on a couple of weeks ago enough to try and get a system earlier than New Year. Anyone that places faith into mainstream gaming site reviews gets what they deserve when they miss out on decent titles.



Gamer83 said:


Well, that doesn't sound promsing. I'm interested to see how DR 3 turns out, how often these framerate issues crop up and how much it effects the game overall.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 Uuhm with every open area with some explosions or some more zombies on the screen... But it's still fun to watch or play i guess.



artemisthemp said:

PS Vita didn't have Gravity Rush ad launch, PS4 doesn't have Infamous: Second Son ad launch.

I would first have brought my PS4 in February, if brought a system for what it could now and not what it would be able to in future.

So I am still getting PS4 on Launch



Azikira said:

Since Knack was such a letdown, I am not getting the System at launch. D:

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