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Spend a Day at the Seaside in Grand Theft Auto Online

Posted by Sammy Barker

Surf and turf wars

The seaside may ordinarily represent a relaxing place, but you won’t be sipping sangria in Grand Theft Auto Online. Following the release of the multiplayer mode’s cash compensation last week, developer Rockstar Games has started to turn its attention towards new content – and you’ll see the fruits of its sandy labour from 19th November as part of the Beach Bum add-on pack.

In addition to a bunch of new seaside-esque apparel, the free download – added as part of patch v1.06 – will also include fresh hairstyles, tattoo customisations, and jobs. Some of the latter objectives will span beach-themed races, deathmatches, parachute jumps, and more. It’ll also augment a bunch of new vehicles – including a spiffing speedboat – and a couple of fresh weapons. Are you eager to have some fun in the sun? Crank up your favourite Cyndi Lauper record, and we’ll meet you on the pier.


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RetryAgainEric said:

@get2sammyb there a way that you can get notifications eg. Number of replied messages, viewable in the corner next to your name in this website. Is this something that could be implemented easily within the ps website or is it difficult?



MorriganIsHot said:

Disappointed in the clothing. I was hoping the females npc sandals for my girl character and dresses too but no its just the same clothes in the game but in different colors. The weapons are also a disappointment.

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