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Sony Tosses Curious Hadouken Cabs PS4 Teaser Trailer Online

Posted by Sammy Barker

Oh my car

We make it a rule to be sceptical when it comes to so-called scoops from commercial email addresses, but we reckon that Sony may be up to something with this ‘Hadouken Cabs’ teaser trailer. Overnight, we were contacted by a strange Gmail account, which encouraged us to not just call a cab, but to call a Hadouken Cab. “[We’ve been] knocking out the competition since 1987,” the message added, concluding with the PlayStation 4 hashtag '#4thePlayers'.

A link in the email encouraged us to download the teaser trailer embedded below, which includes a number of Street Fighter sound effects. Perhaps most interesting, though, is the appearance of the DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation face buttons. Alas, the fine folks over at VG247 were more thorough than us, also spotting a URL resolving at That includes a car with a PlayStation-themed license plate, and an opportunity to chat to an operator.

But what does it all mean? Our best guess is that Capcom has decided to port Ultra Street Fighter IV to the upcoming console, and that it will be revealed during next week’s Spike TV pre-launch livestream. Producer Yoshinori Ono noted earlier in the year that there were “no plans” to bring the re-release to next generation consoles, but Sony seems eager to secure fighters for its futuristic format, given that Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition is also coming to its latest console.

Check out the trailer embedded below, and feel free to happen upon your own theories in the comments section. Interesting, huh?

Update: It looks like this is happening all over Europe. Spanish journalists are reporting that they've been directed towards Maestro Shaval's website, which includes a strange video starring a man with an impressive beard and a PS4 preparation survey.


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eliotgballade said:

does this mean street fighter on pS4 ? hope so ! hadouken cabs ! that's great , i just called an operator ! ("take me to tower records!")



get2sammyb said:

@eliotgballade The constant references to 1994 makes me think that it may be Street Fighter II related rather than Street Fighter IV. Still, it's clearly something to do with PS4 as they show the controller.



eliotgballade said:

sf II ! even better ! just been doing a bit of research . the pnone number refers to the release date of the street fighter CABinet (30th August 1987) .



belmont said:

Sometimes I feel that they are trolling instead of teasing with this strange videos.



get2sammyb said:

@eliotgballade That's a good catch. Spotted anything else? The number plate is PS 1994, which I assume is relating to Super Street Fighter II Turbo's launch date. Could also be referencing PSone's release in Japan.



patacama said:

I live in Spain and I believe that Maestro Shaval marketing strategy has nothing to do with the Hadouken cabs strategy. Maestro Shaval is supposed to calm down fans who are impatient for the release of the PS4.



eliotgballade said:

yes , i think i can just make out the PS symbol on the far left of the cars european number plate (the part where the country normally is displayed). also the cars mercedes badge is missing (probably to avoid legal/copyright issues)



dok5555555 said:

Maybe Tekken X Street Fighter? Probably not tho since there was no Tekken reference. SF V would be nice.



LukeNI said:

@dok5555555 It's gonna be a while before they release Street Fighter V. We're still waiting on Ultra Street Fighter IV! I honestly cannot wait for this game..Huge SF fan here!

If any one would like to have some matches on SF:IV let me know!



artemisthemp said:

Didn't Yoshinori Ono say: We won't begin to devolve on SFV until Ultra Street Fighter 2014 is done?

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