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Sony Swapping Faulty PS4s As Fast As Physically Possible

Posted by Sammy Barker

Beep, beep

Sony doesn’t want you twiddling your thumbs while you stare at the dreaded ‘Blue Light of Death’, and so it’s committed to swapping faulty PlayStation 4 systems faster than The Road Runner from classic cartoon fame. Perhaps in an effort to subdue any mounting social network backlash, the company has confirmed that anyone unlucky enough to own a defective device can call an SCEA hotline and get a replacement sent out immediately with expedited shipping.

Despite this, the manufacturer maintains that failures currently sit at less than one per cent. Earlier in the month it suggested that defects were impacting 0.4 per cent of consoles, so it’s possible that this number may have increased slightly, but it’s still well in-line with most new consumer electronics. It seems that Sony has been stung by the mounting impact of Facebook and Twitter, as every single error is being put under a microscope right now.

It’s unclear whether the company will extend this goodwill to Europe, but hopefully the additional two weeks of manufacturing time will have enabled it to eradicate any lingering hardware mishaps. Have you had a problem with your PS4 yet? Are you scared that you’re going to fall foul to an error? Panic in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@Faustek It's just a promotion for our sister site. You should check it out if you're interested in Xbox coverage. Otherwise, feel free to forget it's there.



Faustek said:

@get2sammyb haha OK OK, gosh many sister sites.

But no, unfortunately Sony, Nintendo and PC will remain as my gaming systems until the 'predicted' CBOAT storm has come/gone. Or until we get it in Sweden




Talking of, I just checked out EG's 'what you get for xbox love gold' piece, not much it seems.

Edit: 'love gold', hahaha not changing it!



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb burn it to the ground..
No I'm not worried about anything cause I got the Gamestop 2 yr for $60 and it covers drops and defects and everything so I'm stress-free!



Ginkgo said:

Honestly "less than 1%" is not a good look. That is a high number of fails, but it is hard at the moment to see though all the hyperbole as every failure is put under the microscope on the net and there are many fake on Amazon etc.

The 1 million sales does put things in perspective. Even if 1% (worst case scenario), that is 10,00 issues, vs 990,000 happy customers. The problem is that all the issues happened on the same day, causing a huge stir. Part of the joy of a launch console I guess. No question that things will settle down. They already have significantly. but certainly a bump in an otherwise brilliantly successful launch.

Sony is doing the only thing they can, which is reacting quickly, and just doing a straight swap - expedited.

I know from discussions here in Australia PS4 pre-orders are killing XB1 (and Aus is a strong 360 territory). XB1s are still available, PS4s are not. The main shop I spoke to are hoping for more PS4 stock before Christmas but have a waiting list through to 2014.

Luckily my pre-order came though, and I have decided to keep it.

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